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It’s not quite calendar summer, but it feels like summer, doesn’t it? Morgan is near Orlando right now, visiting my Florida cousins. She made her first-ever catch and was excited. (I think this is a cell phone picture, thus the quality.) Meanwhile, I’m back here getting ready for the party on Saturday. Are you coming? I’m expecting over 100. If you want to come, it’s not too late to sign up and let me know (so I’m sure to have enough food!) and it’s also not too late if you’re not coming to send in a donation to the HOP benefit at the party and enter for a chance to win the custom pet portrait by Kelly Walker. Get all the details in this post! Also, everyone who donates at least $25 to the Heart of Phoenix will receive a print from a painting of my horses by Kelly Walker–prints will be at the party for you to take home if you’re here. Prints will be mailed if you’re not here. (Donation to HOP is not required to attend the party.)

Kelly will be painting in the studio during the party, and Tinia Creamer from the Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue will be giving horsemanship demonstrations in the barnyard with Patriot and Zip. The house, barn, cellar, studio, and grounds will all be open for touring and poking your heads in every room. (Ack, I better clean up!) The “petting zoo” will be open–bring some cookies for Clover! I’ll be having a cookout, so bring your appetites, too. Sign up for the party here.

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on June 12, 2012  

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  1. 6-12

    Having never had a goat, especially a Clover, would you tell us what cookies might be de rigueur? Are nuts (other than the two legged variety) not a good idea? Chocolate? Are goats like dogs, no chocolate? Are goats inclined to like cardamon, or another flavor? What about dog cookies, are they just for dogs, or do goats like them too?

    I appreciate your explanation regarding donkeys, and their penchant to experience the whole enchilada (fingers and all.)

    Also enjoyed your warning not to collect eggs in your refrigerator.

    We are looking forward to the visit and the fundraiser.

    Be well,

  2. 6-12

    Billie, I don’t feed chocolate to any of the animals. (Not sure if it’s bad for all of them or not, but I just don’t.) Anything else is fine!

  3. 6-12

    I wish I could come…someday.

  4. 6-12

    This will be FUN! I can’t come, thanks for the invite…..

  5. 6-12

    I’m so sorry I can’t be there! You’ll have so many people you won’t miss me – and I know you’ll do a great job of taking photos to share with the rest of us!!!

    Nancy in Iowa

  6. 6-12

    Speaking of photos I still have not received mine from kickstart donation.
    Are you still in process of mailing them?

  7. 6-12

    sandylee, yes, I am still sending out, am near the end!

  8. 6-12

    Oh Man I sure would love to be there…. Kudos Morgan I can’t believe you touched it.

  9. 6-12

    I’d like to be on FL too but not holding a fish. I can get all the already filleted fish I need from my brother. :) cute pic of Morgan.

  10. 6-12

    What a nice intro to summa! I hope your party is a huge success…wishing you all the best!

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