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Look who came for dinner! And the weekend! Only I gave his room away! That’s what happens when you go to college!

Weston is home for the weekend, though he’s only staying here tonight. Tomorrow, Kelly Walker and her art student are arriving, so tomorrow night he will suffer (ha) and spend the night at his girlfriend’s house before returning to that awful place, college, for another week. (He has no car. But his cousin, Madison, who is a sophmore at WVU, has a car, so he always has a ride home.) I’m pretty sure he came home to see his beloved, not me, and also to get stuff. You know, like towels. And who knows what else. He said, “I’m taking a LOT OF STUFF.” And he was eyeing my kitchen. I shall take stock after he leaves and replenish.

He’s planning to come back Labor Day weekend, also, though he will not be staying here at all then as I will have a houseful with teachers for the retreat. He will, however, be here for the Party on the Farm and acting as the “valet” up and down the driveway for party guests. So those of you coming to the party, when you get in the car with him, be sure to ask him how he’s enjoying college. Or maybe not. He might throw you over the hill.

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on August 26, 2011  

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  1. 8-26

    So Is it ok to tip the valet!! For college snacks?!?! :happyflower: :woof:

  2. 8-26

    Rainns, I like that thought!

  3. 8-26

    Well, besides seeing the light of his life, I bet he wants some good home cooking.

    Are you expecting rough weather there this weekend?

  4. 8-26

    That photo says it all!!! Nothin’ but Love, Love, Love!

    :heart: :hug: :heart: :snuggle:

  5. 8-26

    whaledancer, we are far inland.

  6. 8-26

    Hey, I can throw a sleeping bag in the truck and sleep downstairs. I hate to run him out of his room.

  7. 8-26

    Cute pix of appendage. Great Quilt.

  8. 8-26

    HAHAHAHA! I was hoping at least two of your kids who could be there WOULD be there. I’m gonna do it, and I’m gonna tell him you told me to.

  9. 8-26

    Oh how I wish I was attending and getting to meet all of you!

  10. 8-27

    Kelly, he’s more than happy to go to town with his girlfriend, LOL.

  11. 8-27

    This reminds me of my sister. When her son came home from college for the first visit, his room had permanently become her library. He was shocked.

  12. 8-27

    ahhhh, young love . Makes you do crazy things. They look like a cute couple ! :snuggle: As for raiding your kitchen ….good luck with that one. You may need to totally restock your pantry after he leaves, teenage boys are good about that . :yes: My 2 eat me out of house and home on a regular basis, but ‘cha gotta love ’em. :heart:

  13. 8-27

    Check the laundry room, Suzanne, there may be presents for you. ;)

  14. 8-27

    I’d take a look at your paper & bath products after he leaves. I don’t think my sons have bought toilet paper, paper napkins, tissues, soap, toothpaste or toothbrushes ….EVER! When those staples are on sale I tend to stock up since they don’t go bad. Also, spaghetti sauce (make him bring back the jars), extra packages of ground turkey (I don’t eat beef.), chickens from the freezer all seems to find a new home. Well, I’m glad to help but have to warn him not to take the last of something or my dinner plans of the week could be thrown off.

    [AND, if he’d go to the dentist for regular teeth cleaning the dentist will GIVE him a new toothbrush. Sigh!] When he was in college instead of across town, I’m sure I fed him and his roommates for a week when he left to go back to school. No potato chip bad or jar of nuts was safe. A mother’s work never ends even when the kids move away. :wave:

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