The Boys, An Update!


Look who we have here!

Weston! Weston finished his four-year stint in the Army just in time for his 25th birthday. That’s right, he’s 25. Boggle!

So here’s the Weston update: He’s 25. (Did I already say that? I’m still shocked.) If you’ll recall, he started college at WVU Morgantown on a full National Merit Scholarship, then veered off to a four-year adventure in the Army. Which apparently wasn’t quite adventurous enough for him because he was never deployed anywhere in the dangerous world, so he still needs more adventure. (Mom is very happy that he was never deployed into the dangerous world.) Now he’s going back to college–but not to Morgantown. In a twist that took everyone by surprise, he decided to go to the University of California at San Diego. Why???? Can he possibly go further away? California? Really? He’s never been to California and he thinks it sounds like an adventure. He’s planning to travel during school breaks and see the West and Japan and wherever else is in reach from the West Coast. Well, he’s young and single and I suppose this is the time. (But I wish he was going back to Morgantown!)

Meanwhile, here’s Ross, who also had a birthday this month.

Ross just turned 27. (Insert even more shock.)

Ross finished his six years in the Navy a couple of years ago and is currently attending WVU Morgantown (whew!). Remember his high school girlfriend Selena? They’re still together and planning their future.

P.S. While this post is about the boys, I should mention Morgan, too. She’s 22 and just graduated from WVU Morgantown with a degree in History. She’s working again this summer as a STEM (science/technology/engineering/math) ambassador for 4-H, and will be starting a direct PhD program in Morgantown in the fall. She’s still with her longtime boyfriend Justin, and planning a future as a history professor. They’ve all grown up!

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on May 18, 2018  

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  1. 5-18

    I know several young West Virginians who have gone to California for the climate and adventure. My son mived to southern CA after college to be with friends. He can’t believe all the folks he has met in CA from WV and KY. In fact, his young doctor is a native of WV!

  2. 5-18

    Like you Suzanne I came to WV for adventure and a different life, I’m staying put in this beautiful state! I agree, the time is now for your kids to explore and travel. Yep, don’t blink, it goes by way to fast. God bless your wandering scholar and your Mountaineer scholars.

  3. 5-18

    Thanks for the info on the boys! And Morgan too. I’ve been wondering what they were doing with their lives now that they’re all grown up. I’m happy that they came home for birthday cakes made by Mom!

  4. 5-18

    Thanks for this post. It is wonderful to see an update about your “kids”. It’s hard to believe how much time has gone by since I started reading your blog.

  5. 5-21

    Thank you for the update on the “kids”. You have a great family. I know you are so proud of all of them. I got to meet Weston a couple of years ago when I was at your house for a workshop. He was home for Thanksgiving which was the following week. I always enjoy your posts. You have inspired me to try so many new things. Thank you for all you do.

  6. 5-31

    Hi Suzanne, Thanks for the update on the kids. One of our sons has his PhD in history and is a prof in MS. He really enjoys it. Blessings to you all, Gloria

  7. 6-6

    OH MY!!! It doesn’t seem possible that they are at these ages, it seems like just yesterday they were playing in the creek swing from the rope. Time seems to be going to fast. You have done a lovely job of rising them, they will surely do well in life. Thank you for letting us have the pleasure of watching them grow.

    Suzanne–if you have a moment, there seems to be a problem with sign in to the formum it goes from requesting log in to a blank page. Thank you.

  8. 9-16

    Oh my, I can remember when each of those kids went off on their adventures. How time does fly. I know you are very proud of all of them and rightfully so!!

  9. 3-3

    I stopped by to grab the cornmeal/sourcream biscuit recipe. So nice to read this update about the boys and Morgan. You may not remember me, but I was a avid reader a long time ago (once my daughter Robyn emailed you from Europe to say it made her less homesick to know her and I were reading the same blog) Hope you are doing well (seems like it) cheers

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