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Okay, first, ignore the ridiculousness of this photo. It’s out of context. In context, I swear, it makes more sense. Or if not, at least it’s in context. I’m just posting this photo for THE HAIR. This is what my hair looked like a few days ago. (This photo is part of another post in a few days. The things I do for you so that I can give you a cheesemaking kit!)

I was feeling pretty sick and tired of this hair. I haven’t had this hair cut and highlighted in two years. TWO YEARS. It’s like wearing a long-haired wool sheep on my head.

Six inches later, my hair looks like this:

From the front:

(I took that picture myself, which is difficult to do so it’s not very good, but you can see THE HAIR. Morgan took the one at the top of the post and I thought we’d kill each other by the time we were through with that session!)

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on May 12, 2011  

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  1. 5-12

    Looks great, Suzanne! :happyflower: You’re hair looks incredibly THICK!!!!! I really like the way you did it!

  2. 5-12

    My hair is seriously thinning. I’m jealous!

  3. 5-12

    Love it and I can understand what you mean about having the same hair cut! I went for like 2 years with out having mine done and It was a mess, then they cut it too short and I cried and cried! :hissyfit: :hissyfit:
    But I love your hair, it really does look great!

  4. 5-12

    Super cute!

  5. 5-12

    I love the hair! (Both iterations, actually.) Coming from a woman with fine, straight hair, though, I am completely biased. You have my dream hair.

  6. 5-12

    Love the hair! Suzanne, you are soooo brave!
    I’m struggling with the idea of cutting mine, it’s longer than it’s ever been, down to the bottom of my bum. I “should” cut 12 inches or so off, to make it more reasonable.
    Don’t know if anyone will understand this, but I’m scared I will look “ma mare-ish” with shorter hair.
    (I hate getting old)

  7. 5-13

    Ok, I’m weird. This comment is not about the hair, but taking pics of yourself, lol. My baby bro gave me this really neat remote to use with my camera. It has a two second delay. I love using it, because I take pics of me all the time. I’m convinced no one in my family can take a flattering pic of me, so I take it myself. You know, one without the double chin and the belly. :) Of course, I may take a ton of photos before I find one I like. Oh and I love your hair. lol

  8. 5-13

    :snoopy: Nothing better than a haircut for a pick me up. I bet it feels wonderful. You look great!
    Granny Trace

  9. 5-13

    Looks great!!!

    2 years! I can only leave mine go for 6 months and I’m flipping my head over and giving it a trim. But it’s so healthy now with no detergent shampoo it grows fast!

    I can’t wait for the cheese post!! Is that a cabbage???

  10. 5-13

    Much better, and I bet it feels better. Cute, too. Wondering if this will become an annual shearing. You know, part of the spring ritual. Now you are really ready for spring and hot weather. ;)

  11. 5-13

    So nice to see a picture of YOU!! I’ll bet you feel liberated from your haircut; isn’t that a lovely feeling? You are indeed Brave to cut; right or wrong I’m too attached (ha ha) to my hair to lop it off ever again!

  12. 5-13

    Looks great! I had my hair done yesterday too, but I tend to treat my hair as an accessory (like jewelry) so I change it a LOT. It’s currently a warmish auburn with BRIGHT copper chunks, cut in a pixie with some longish pieces in the front! I’ve shaved my head, had blue hair, all sorts of crazy things. It’s so fun to play with! :)

  13. 11-17

    I like it !!!!!!

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