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The holiday lights are strung on the porch! I love these icicle lights. I think they should stay up all year. It makes the front porch look like one of those outdoor restaurant patio bars where they have white lights out, you know what I mean? I can’t get anyone here to agree with me that they should stay up all year.

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on December 15, 2009  

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  1. 12-15

    When we lived in an old one-room schoolhouse in the middle of nowhere, Ontario, my parents always left up a single string of white Christmas lights (this was before the icicle lights even existed). Partly because Dad didn’t want to take them up and down every year, partly because Mum just liked them, and partly because you never know when some poor lost person will be wandering up the road in need of a bit of light, some hot chocolate, and directions back to town. So I say if you like them, keep them all year long.

  2. 12-15

    I agree with you! I love white lights year ’round. I’m from the southwest originally (well, not ORIGINALLY originally, but I might as well be!) and it’s very popular to wind white lights around the bushes or in the mesquite trees or palms. Restaurants use them a lot, but people often use them in and around their homes too. I use them inside on large house plants all year. Love ’em!

  3. 12-15

    I AGREE!! I think the christmas lights just add such sparkle and make everything look warm and cozy!!

  4. 12-15

    I leave them on my back deck. Love to drive up after dark and see them.

  5. 12-15

    Oh, that picture makes me want to come sit on your front porch and stroke your cat’s head. So cozy and comforting and welcoming. LOVE IT!

  6. 12-15

    Well, I love it that way! It gives it a whole different atmosphere, very romantic. Why doesn’t 52 agree to That? I say leave it; he’ll love it.

  7. 12-15

    I agree with you! I love white lights all year around. I can’t get them in my backyard either. Yet.

  8. 12-15

    They’re not “icicle” lights, they are “PATIO” lights… And they SHOULD stay up year round! (I mean if they are CALLED patio lights, they SHOULD stay up on your patio, right?) Look how cozy it makes your porch at night! I’m voter #2 for the YEAR ROUND “PATIO” lights! :shimmy:

  9. 12-15

    Our backyard is loaded with “Patio” lights. We have them strung on every solid surface. Great at holiday time, but better year round. Nothing like sittting out in the summer evening with little lights twinkling everywhere. Keep them up. You’ll love it.

  10. 12-15

    I think you should leave them up. Why not? If it makes you happy, that’s what matters. Besides, you can start a new trend. I’m sure there are lots of folks who wish they could leave the lights up just because, like you, they enjoy them. Go for it!

  11. 12-15

    When we make our screened porch out back I’m going to have white lights up all year in there…we did it in the city so we’ll just do it here on the farm too. I think you should leave them up Suzanne and enjoy them! :hungry2: (pitchfork!)

  12. 12-15

    They’re wonderful dark winter night therapy. I say enjoy them till spring!

  13. 12-15

    Try it for a year. If you don’t like it you can always take them down. Nothing has to be permanent.

    I think they should stay up all year. They would look wonderful at all of your gatherings, winter or summer. They look great! You could even collect more of them at garage sales and second hand stores after Christmas and put some on a few of the trees leading up to the house. You know…for visitors or guests at these gatherings. How beautiful would that be in the woods!!

    Great idea! Go for it! You should be free to exercise your creative spirit, regardless of what anyone else thinks.

  14. 12-15

    There’s a house half a block away from mine where the woman leaves white lights in her trees all year long. It always look so inviting, so why not?

    We’ve decorated our back yard with them for summer parties, and my son tacked up an entire wall of white lights in his apartment at college. Very festive and what a pretty glow!

    Why let convention rule the day when you so clearly march to a different drummer (writing novels for a living, choosing to pioneer your way as a farmer on an unconventional farm)?

    There are only two reasons I could see that might give you pause: if the lights get in the way during the months where you spend more time on the deck, and if they make Chrismtas seem less special because the lights have become the norm.

    But otherwise, I say go crazy. Be wild. Icicle lights year round!

  15. 12-15

    Hmmmm, wonder if they would confuse the fireflies in summertime. Hey! Another idea: You could change some of the bulbs to different colors. I have seen orange lights at Halloween. Red, white, & blue for July 4??

  16. 12-15

    I like year-round lights – go for it!!

  17. 12-15

    The lights should stay up all year. We have rope lighting around our patio and it is so wonderful to look at in the evening, even if it is too cold to go out there.

  18. 12-15

    Ha! 52 doesn’t post often but when he does it’s always something cute that makes me think you are blessed to have him in your life (as is he for having you).

  19. 12-15

    You can make little paper holiday hats for them since they’re so accessible. Hearts for Valentines Day, eggs and chicks for Easter, flags for the Forth of July, … tiny Chinese lanterns for general purpose deco. Just THINK of the potential!

  20. 12-15

    How inviting :)

  21. 12-15

    Beautiful! Can I get a corner table for two, please?

  22. 12-15

    suzanne I definitely agree with you–all year– so festive no matter :happyflower: weather-the mood-or the occasion!! :D :D Looks beautiful!!–rain

  23. 12-15

    I definitely agree. I can’t even get my husband to put them up for christmas (sigh).

  24. 12-15

    We have plans for a patio pergola in our future and one of the things that I consider a “requirement” for it is white lights. :)

  25. 12-15

    I agree, up all year only not the icicle lights, simply a strand of white lights. Your porch is lovely in that light. The icicle lights say “Christmas” but single strand white lights say “partay anytime”.

  26. 12-15

    Hey Suzanne!

    I like them! I would want to leave them up too! :shimmy: :shimmy: :shimmy:


  27. 12-15

    I put up orange lights (which I call “autumn lights”)at the beginning of October and leave them thru Thanksgiving, then put up multi-color for Christmas. I have also had red, white and blue lights up for Memorial Day, the Fourth and Labor Day. I’ve seen red and white for Valentine’s and green for St. Patrick’s. I love them. Things seem so dreary and drab after taking down Christmas lights and decorations that I use lights any way I can at other times. Oh, and the little paper covered patio lanterns in the summer…..those would be great on your porch!

  28. 12-15

    I vote they stay up all year! It adds so much atmosphere! :yes:

  29. 12-15

    I agree with everyone…those aren’t Christmas lights, those are PATIO lights. :shimmy:

  30. 12-15

    I think they would look lovely from afar, be seen all over the valley. What a beautiful sight. Very romantic!

  31. 12-17

    Suzanne, if our votes count, you are lit for life!

  32. 12-18

    “No one” agrees that you should leave the lights up all year? Clearly you forgot to ask the cats. And the chickens. And Clover. And. And. And.

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