The Tale of the Haircut


No school for a week. Nothing to do but sleep till noon, eat, read her books over and over, watch TV, and talk on the phone.

She came downstairs on Friday and said, “I cut my hair.”

Oddly, she didn’t cut that part in the front that is slowly robbing her of her eyesight.

I said, “Why did you do that?”

She said she was bored. She didn’t have anything to do. So she cut her hair. And she hated it! It was too short!

And uneven.

She ran for the scissors again and started whacking.

I wrestled them away from her and took her to my cousin’s house where his wife, Sheryl, got out her barber scissors and repaired the damage.

I thought we were over this type of thing when she turned five.

Next time she’s off school for a week, she’s cleaning out the chicken house!

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on November 29, 2010  

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  1. 11-29

    Keep her busy and hide the scissors!

  2. 11-29

    She is so Beautiful!

  3. 11-29

    with blushing cheeks i confess, i still cut my own hair …. it’s a gift or a curse :)

  4. 11-29

    It’s really very cute! Maybe she will like it after a few days.

  5. 11-29

    Oh NO!! I figured I was good and down with that after my then 5 year old cut her hair right before summer. Don’t tell me it continues!

    The new cut looks real cute on her though!

  6. 11-29

    Well it looks awesome none the less.

    I dye my hair when I am bored, and Ive been debating cutting my hair too, I just want a trim but I don’t know if I trust myself.

  7. 11-29

    Oh well, at least it will grow back…and, on a positive note, she didn’t dye it pink and green or let her friend give her a tattoo on the back of her neck. :snoopy:

    Oh wait…that was MY kid… :hissyfit: Sigh, at least she’s grown and lives in her own apartment so I don’t have to see it every day.

    Kids…it’s amazing how something that started out so cute and cuddly can provide so many ulcers and gray hair. :bugeyed:

  8. 11-29

    I think it’s a good look for her! I think it makes her look more polished, and b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l!!! :yes:

  9. 11-29

    Well, no matter HOW she got that haircut, it’s CUTE, suits her very well!!

    And I admit, my hair gets chopped when I feel the urge, too, that has never went away. I started cutting my own hair when I was in 7th grade…

  10. 11-29

    Well, it looks good now that Cousin Sheryl had a go at it. Really though, there’s something to be said for cotton candy pink hair! Lime green? ….err. did I really just say that? Oh well. Hair does grow.

    I dye my hair too when I’m bored with it… in fact, I think a more dramatic red is due soon. I’m getting a little tired of my barely red sorta brown hair.

    It’s better to mess around with that than to do the tattoo thing. What stopped me from going for tattoos is thinking about how they’ll look when I’m in the rest home and the tats go ‘south’! …yes, I’m a trouble maker!

  11. 11-29

    Her haircut is precious…….and so is she!

  12. 11-29

    I thought hair styles that rob one of eyesight was the style right now.

  13. 11-29

    She looks adorable!

  14. 11-29

    My 17 year old daughter did that a few months ago… cut off about 8 inches! But she did a good job and she has very naturally curly hair, so no repair needed. Actually turned out very cute!

  15. 11-29

    I love the haircut – she looks so sophisticated!

  16. 11-29

    I like the shorter length. Much hipper and grown up. At least she didn’t dye it! :)

  17. 11-29

    Oh, she looks beautiful! But older. Don’t ya hate when that happens? I also have a teen with that disappearing eye thing.

  18. 11-29

    I’m 51 and I STILL do that!

  19. 11-29

    Suzanne, it could be worse! my son the 20 year old informed me that he just had his lips pierced! :help: “WHAT” why would anyone want to do that? I know its what they do, :bugeyed: this is the kid that went to a Catholic School most of his life, oh did I tell you he also has TATTOOS! :hissyfit: Morgans hair looks BEAUTIFUL!! she is such a beautiful girl. :happybutterfly: he was the most beautiful baby! he still is, I guess he is just trying to express himself.

  20. 11-29

    I had one like that (out of 3, so I felt lucky) but hers took the form of 1st: green hair dye, then pink, followed eventually by purple and then super bright unnatural red; 2nd: 3 tattoos; piercings.

    The only things which were permanent were the tattoos, and at least those are in concealable areas. She’s now 30 and happily married.

    And I survived. heh.

  21. 11-29

    I think her new haircut looks great! (The fixed version, obviously.) It’s a very good look for her. It makes her look a little bit older.

  22. 11-29

    She looks gorgeous with the short hair! Then again, she’d be gorgeous even bald.:)

    I sitll do that to my hair from time to time, and I’m almost 40.

  23. 11-29

    Oh believe me, your daughter’s hair turned out really cute! Back in the late 80’s when mine was a teenager – she and a couple of her friends took the razor to one side of their heads. Not too close but SHORT enough (maybe a # 5 head) Oh yeah, not near as pretty as your daughter’s. ~ wow, what a memory you just pulled out of the cobwebs!

  24. 11-29

    She was being industrious, is that not what you have been teaching her? :0) She is beautiful and noone has to spend money to cut their own hair, or have family do it… I admire her spunk!

  25. 11-29

    Suzanne, when mine was in her teens, she had a hairdresser cut hers off by about 15″. I found out from her friend at school. She was teasing me, I went to her dad’s and took one look and told her “when it grows out call me”. NONE OF YOU DID THAT!!!! :dancingmonster:
    Now she has tattooed her whole right arm, her br—t, and if there is any more I don’t want to know. :hissyfit: :hissyfit: :hissyfit:
    Now my 15 year old granddaughter colors her hair…..and wears a mountain of makeup…… and highheels. What happened to the teen years????? But my daughter started her on pedicures when she was 3 just for the fun of it. Mom was getting her nails done and a pedicure. OH well, this too will pass, THANK GOD, but I am with those who don’t like the idea of how it will look when we are fallen. :pirate:

  26. 11-29

    Wow, she is so beautiful, and that haircut really emphasizes everything about her face that contributes to those fine looks.
    You do have a shotgun, and you know how to use it, and you’re gonna need it when all the guys see her new ‘do!

  27. 11-29

    Turned out to be a groovy haircut at that! :)

    And yeah, cleaning out the chicken house is sooo much more productive! :)

  28. 11-29

    Now there is one pretty girl. I love the haircut, and I can even see both eyes. Cousin Sheryl knows what she’s doing.

  29. 11-29

    From a professional point of view–she looks fantastic, her hair is very becoming to her.

  30. 11-29

    Hey it could be a lot worse! I was one of those kids, I started out with dying my hair, pretty normal colors. But by the time I hit 17 I had pierced my tongue, both my br__t. Once I hit 18, I had 3 tattoos done and then had 3 more holes put in my ears. (2 in one, 3 in the other). I have given my parents the most gray hairs out of all of us kids, I think. Just make sure it stops at the hair cutting…haha. But then again I am 27 and completely normal…it there is a form of normal! You out grow it or…well we wont go there. :hug: It will be ok!

  31. 11-29

    Thank goodness you have Cousin Sheryl. She has bailed you out a few times from various problems. Isn’t it wonderful that you are back with family and their support during the children’s teen years. One of our sons cuts his own hair to save money. Sometimes it’s a little too short, but time takes care of that. Morgan’s turned out very pretty. I bet it is easier to wash and more comfortable.

  32. 11-29

    She is truly a beautiful girl! And hair always grows back, so getting a “wild hair” (pun intended) and cutting it off does no permanent damage. Suzanne, you are such a lucky woman to have such great kids!

  33. 11-29

    Beautiful cut, she looks so much older! :happyflower:

  34. 11-29

    Morgan’s new haircut looks adorable on her! Collarbone length really suits her pretty face! :D

  35. 11-29

    Her hair looks great…love the cut…a more mature look and she is so pretty….

  36. 11-29

    She looks great in her shorter do! My sister once tried to give my brother a little trim. She couldn’t get it even and after calling in a neighbor to help, my brother had the shortest hair possible without being a buzz!

  37. 11-29

    Good Job! Looks great. No better way to learn than to just do it. . Many of us do our own!

  38. 11-29

    Morgan’s hair looks very pretty. And it is just hair after all. If it were pink, if it were shaved, it’s still Morgan. If she is tattooed, if she is pierced, it’s still Morgan. The person inside is not affected by changing the surfaces.
    And this is coming from someone who got her first tattoo at 31 (I now have 12), her first piercing at 40 (I now have 6), and I’ve grown my hair down to my bottom! Oh, and the secret to worrying about what it will all look like when it goes “south”? To start once “south” is just around the corner! ;)

  39. 11-29

    Poor Morgan, having Mama tell all about it. :) I’ve heard the only thing different between a bad haircut and a good haircut is one week.
    I really do like the shorter cut. :)

  40. 11-29

    My 60 year old SIL commented that she always wanted long hair and a discrete red rose tatto on her breast. Her sister chided her and said” Oh ,Linda just think of what you would have had when your skin started to sag!” My 80 year old Mother-in-law piped up and said “A long stemed red rose.”

  41. 11-29

    I love her haircut, very appropriate for her age.

  42. 11-29

    But the final result is very nice. She’s a beautiful girl! And she does look older with the new “do”.

  43. 11-29

    You have a brave young lady on your hands! I’m scared to death to cut my hair. Nor will I let many others cut it either. (That’s not good grammar is it?) Anyway, I get bored, but the last thing I do is cut my hair. It’s down to my hips.

  44. 11-29

    Hey, YOU’RE the one who keeps role-modeling self-sufficiency and DIY. Why have someone else do what you can do for yourself, right? Anyway, the end result looks great.

    Morgan has such an expressive face; she could be a model or an actress. She tells her side of the story just through her expressions in the photos.

  45. 11-29

    The end photo shows that it turned out cute. I’m about ready to take scissors to mine. Maybe I should have Morgan do mine too!Or Sheryl. Wait! That’s a long drive.

  46. 11-29

    Love the haircut – she looks like quite the young lady!

    and Morgan, I still pull out the scissors & cut my hair when I got “bored” too – and I’m 46…can totally relate

  47. 11-29

    Once you start cutting your own hair, it’s like you can’t stop. For me, the only way to stop is to get a pro haircut that repairs the damage and then I’m too frightened to cut it again.. until that next time;)

    Anyway, her haircut is lovely and it suits her, so I hope she likes it now.

  48. 11-29

    She’s cute and I like the new ‘do!

  49. 11-29

    The cut looks gorgeous, Morgan – always best having help doing it, though! :clover:

  50. 11-29

    If she’s all about the haircutting when in a quandry- maybe get some sheep and she can shear them

  51. 11-29

    The new haircut looks so pretty! She is such a pretty young lady.

  52. 11-29

    I think her hair looks great. I think it looks better. I think you just need to get used to it. And, it’s just hair. It will grow.

  53. 11-29

    Morgan’s new ‘do is adorable. Could have been worse. One of my twins did the same last winter when he was bored. But, he came out of the bathroom with a shaved head. I almost fainted on the floor! :bugeyed: He wore many a hat that winter!

  54. 11-29


    It looks beautiful now!

  55. 11-29

    I love it! Morgan is so beautiful.

  56. 11-29

    I’m so relieved to read that my child is not the only one who does stuff like that.
    It looks very nice.

  57. 11-29

    BTW, all that I did was even up the back. I am so clueless with any other type of hair-cutting. Morgan had “sorta” layered the hair in the front. Also, she refuses to cut the bangs.

    Morgan is a wonderful girl and she looks pretty no matter what her hair looks like!


  58. 11-29

    I think it looks great! She had pretty hair before, but I think this style is really flattering.

  59. 11-30

    Kids do know how to push our buttons, don’t they? At least it turned out cute!

  60. 11-30

    gorgeous. I too cut my own hair, all the time. I grew weary of the constant search for a great stylists, so I’ve settled on one person and then I cut it myself in between cuts. works great that way. I once heard a piece on NPR about women and their haircuts and how hard it is to find someone to do what you want, and how there seems to be a language that only hairstylists speak. I believe that, because whatever I tell her to do, she only hears one or two words and then does that in the extreme, forgetting about everything else I said.
    I surrender. Morgan, your haircut is very lovely. :yes:

  61. 11-30

    Oh she’s so pretty! My 14 yr old would kill for her hair by the way haha. She’s constantly saying hers is too wavy or frizzy. She does manage to make one big bunch of it cover one eye like Morgan does. Why do pretty girls want to cover their face?

  62. 11-30

    OMG Suzanne – so this hiding the scissors stage never ends??? :-D I have a 3 year old daughter who is CRAZY for scissors and I have to hide them in very sneaky places since she can find them everywhere else. Funny, I never had this problem with my son though.

    Morgan looks so grown up with her new do. :-D

  63. 11-30

    Kids cutting own hair. Check.
    Kids dying hair “fun” colors. Check.
    Kid coming home with a TATOO! On the WRIST. Check.
    Kid coming in with “piercings” where you HAVE to ask; “WHY THERE????”. Check.
    “Mom, I’m ok and the house isn’t too bad, the fire dept is still blowing the smoke out. I just wanted you to know”. Check.
    “Mom, I’m ok but I totaled the car.” Check.
    “Mom, I’m not coming home, I’m staying at dad’s.”
    “Mom,XXX is pregnant. We’re due XXX. sigh. Check.

    Yep, I am/was the mom of teens. I’m still alive. THEY’RE still alive. (Don’t we have GREAT self-control? Because I’m pretty SURE my parents would have KILLED me if I had done ANY ONE of these things!) I do have to wonder if having almost totally gray hair at 57, is in ANYWAY connected to ANY of this! KWIM? I mean, my Nana’s hair only had flecks of gray in it when she passed away at 84. My mom, at 78, only has one little swatch of gray – and that swatch is hereditary. WHY AM I GRAY, pushing WHITE??

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