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Last month, when I not only read the Mammy Jane book but also tracked down her house like a crazy stalker person, many of you expressed interest in reading the book, too. But. The book doesn’t come cheap and isn’t readily available. One reader offered up a book to give away through my blog, which I did a couple of weeks ago, and another reader offered to donate a “traveling Mammy Jane” book. I’ve set up a topic on the forum for the “traveling Mammy Jane” book signups.

Dee, the reader donating the book, suggested each person that has the book should sign it. Also write down the town and state where you live. That way, eventually, when the book has completed its rounds of everyone who wants to read it, there will be a record of where it has been on its journey.

I’m a little concerned about the book disappearing, as that sort of thing happens sometimes in setups like this, so I’m going to ask each person who signs up to keep the book for a maximum of two weeks. If you don’t think you have time to read the book in two weeks, wait until a later time to sign up. In order to sign up for the “traveling Mammy Jane” list, you’ll need to register as a member (just go to the forum and register) so you can post on the forum and receive PMs (private messages) because it will be through PMs that readers can contact one another as they get the addresses of where to send the book next. You’ll find more details at the forum topic.

Sign up for the “traveling Mammy Jane” book here:

Sign up for the list!

NOTE: You cannot get on the list to read the book from commenting on this post. You must go to the link above!

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on March 29, 2011  

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  1. 3-29

    Just a note: I ordered the book through Barnes & Noble – it was a re-print. I can’t remember the exact cost- somewhere between $15 and $20. That might be an option for those who don’t want to pay the high price for the original, but still would like to read the book.

  2. 3-29

    If you want a new copy of this book,Mammy Jane, go to:

    Have a great day!

  3. 3-29

    Sorry, :cry:
    it should be

    if this doesn’t work..go to and go to fiction books 8)

  4. 3-29

    I would love to read it and can definitely get it to the next person in 2 weeks. I would like to be put on the list.

  5. 3-29

    It’s like a circulating library. I love it.

  6. 3-29

    mammaleigh, you have to sign up to get on the list in the forum topic! Link is in the post above! You won’t get on the list by commenting here.

  7. 3-29

    Okay, my librarian background raises its head and shouts–interlibrary loan! Even the smallest public library nowadays is part of the nationwide interlibrary loan system. If there is a book you’d like to read and your library doesn’t have it, the library can borrow a copy from another library somewhere for your use. Its free to you and, though it might take a week or so to get the book for you, is one of the best services your public library offers. Sign up for the traveling Mammy Jane book if you like but also note the author, title, publisher of the book and inquire at your local public library. [end of public service announcement!]

  8. 3-29

    Looks like a lot of interest in the book.

  9. 3-29

    Joy, good idea to check the library. I already did that (a retired children’s librarian myself) but it wasn’t in their ILL system.

  10. 3-29

    Just a quick love note, Suzanne from a frequent reader (but infrequent poster). Thanks for the grins, the vicarious farm life, the delicious old fashioned recipes, the prints I use for my wallpaper and even your failures that make me cry and laugh with you cuz you are human like me (not super woman, lol.) I never knew years ago before beginning to read your blog that it was possible to feel that someone I have never spoken with is so much a part of my life. How silly, yet true. When I am too busy with work and life to come see your latest adventures, I truly feel a loss. Thanks, gracias, merci beau coup!

  11. 3-29

    Thank you, coffeefrappe!

  12. 3-29

    Yeah…I saw that after the fact of posting…haha. But thank you for keeping me in line! :hug: ;) :happyflower:

  13. 3-29

    That is a fun idea!

  14. 3-29

    Joy (from Illinois) – I LOVE interlibrary loan!!!! Reading one “on loan” right now…. Our librarian “knows” when she sees me that I need one of those “slips”…LOL

  15. 3-29

    What a neat idea!!

  16. 3-30

    May I suggest scanning into an E-Reader the copy of Mammy Jane that is circulating, AND having Suzanne record a book on “tape.” Listening to Suzanne read Mammy Jane to with the backdrop of crickets and barn noises is something I would PAY to download.

    Come on, Suzanne! You heard it first from your fans at
    Greensboro Daily Photo!

  17. 3-26

    Just wondering, is the book still traveling around? I got to read it last year…loved it! I’m still looking to find it at a good price somewhere.

  18. 1-27

    Is mammy jane still traveling, I cannot find a reasonably priced copy!

  19. 1-27

    It got lost somewhere along the way. That always happens when you’re sending books from person to person. Somewhere along the way, someone doesn’t send it on and it messes up the whole thing. I’m sorry.

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