The Winter It Was Weird


These are some of the newer Blue Swedish ducklings (all grown up!) that I got a few months ago, along with the Black Swedish and Cayugas. This picture is from last week when we had around 3 inches of snow followed by a few days of single digit and teens temperatures. Then it was nearly 70 degrees. Then it was 40. And now it’s back to 50s and 60s, supposedly for the rest of the month. What is that about??? I’m not complaining, but this is not looking like the bad winter we were supposed to be in for. Of course, we haven’t had February yet, so maybe Winter is taunting us… The grass and the trees aren’t going to know what to do!

Meanwhile, finally recovering after the mad rush of Christmas on Etsy, and finding my way into a routine. My best shipping days (for baked goods and 1-3 day priority mail) are Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, which gives me more “free” (ha) time in the second half of the week to work on other projects and get back into writing. (Just a head’s up to those of you checking in that I’ll be around more here the second half of weeks than the first.) This is a weird Monday–speaking of weird–because it’s a Monday holiday. No shipping today.

A couple notes to respond to questions: One, Precious is fine! And Pepper is a girl, FYI. I put a dress on her this week to help her feel more girly after so many people thought she was a boy! Also, update on the kids for those of you who asked–Weston is at Fort Bragg in North Carolina, over halfway through his stint in the Army. Ross is halfway through his first year in Morgantown at WVU, and Morgan is still at WVU. They’re all doing really well, and it was nice to have them all here at Thanksgiving, though Weston couldn’t come back for Christmas since he only had Thanksgiving leave.

Cows are bred, I think/hope, and new little layer hens are growing and in the big chicken house with the big chickens. The ducks are quacking in the non-stop puddles from all this rain, and the goats are mostly staying behind their fences. And I’m BAKING! A LOT!

How is your winter weather? Weird or as expected? I can’t figure out this winter.

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on January 16, 2017  

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  1. 1-16

    Yes, it has been weird in NC. One day its in the 30’s, 40’s then 71. So I have no idea. lol. :snoopy:

  2. 1-16

    Glad to see a post – you have been missed. Since I’m just a county away, the weather here is the same. I can’t wait until spring – this gloom really brings me down. Thanks for the updates on the farm and the kids.

  3. 1-16

    We are definitely having a weird winter. My son has had four snow days in an area where kids may get ONE snow day every FOUR years. The latest snowfall has lasted a week; rare for here.

    What happened to the DIL and grandbaby?

  4. 1-16

    boulderneigh, they hadn’t gotten married yet, though they were planning to. She miscarried the babies (twins) and later they broke up.

  5. 1-17

    Sounds like the Etsy sales are going good. It’s so good to hear from you. Thanks for the updates on the family, both human and animal).
    Today in North Alabama it’s raining and 64 degrees. The weekend was sunny and 70, the weekend before it was in the single digits. It’s a very strange winter for sure.

  6. 1-18

    Suzanne, there you are! I was starting to wonder if you were going to discontinue your blog, and had nearly removed it from my blog bookmarks more than once. I have enjoyed your posts over morning coffee for many years, but had started to think that your farm, workshops and book had taken you away from blogging forever. Hurray, you’re back! I am sure I speak for many fans of yours when I say that though we have loved you since the crooked little house, and are thrilled with your successes, we sure would love to continue following your adventures into the future.

    As for this winter weather, it’s kind of a mixed bag up here in Maine too. Way too many freezing rains in between the snows that have left little ice rinks here and there on our little acreage. If your ducks lived here, you’d have to outfit them with ice skates! :) My hens are terrified of the sound of anyone plowing or shoveling, and all hide inside the coop the moment any snow removal begins, as if the world is ending. :lol:

  7. 1-18

    Our winter has been brutal~ more like “the Montana of old”, so the ol’timers tell us: temps in the negatives all through December into January and a huge DUMP of snow. Sometime the end of this week we are expecting warm, chinook winds that will lull us into thinking winter is almost over. But it will only last 2-3 days before the harsh reality of January slams us with more cold. Brrrr. Never wished for spring more than this year!

  8. 1-18

    No mention of Rodney?

  9. 1-19

    I was wondering about Rodney as well. I even went back and tried to find where I might have missed a post. Is he still around?

  10. 1-19

    Also wondering about Rodney, but was afraid to ask.

  11. 1-20

    He’s fine! People had asked about the kids specifically, so I was telling about them!

  12. 1-23

    I am so sorry about the babies :( But glad to hear that your kids are doing well! Those grey ducks are so pretty. Do they have a nice temperament?

  13. 2-2

    Hi All, MN is having a wierd winter too. Not much snow. 2 times we got 4 inches, then temperatures got warm and it all melted. Not good for snowmobiles in southern MN.
    Now we are in AZ though The first week of March. Then to TX for a month. Is in the 70’s this week. We are enjoying the hot tub. Life is good. Retirement is wonderful.
    I sure miss your blogging Suzanne. I check in every day.
    Bye ……
    MN Mona. :sheep:

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