Unaccustomed Activity (and Second Tango Winner)


Look at that. A plow! I’ve never seen such a thing before! (It’s on its way back in this photo, after turning around at the end of our farm. That’s as far as it goes.)

It’s snowing, which is unexpected due to the fact that I haven’t paid any attention to the news this week. And unwelcome, since it’s a little bitterly cold for hiking today. I can only be glad that Coco was made to live in the Pyrenees and cold weather is no never mind to her with her thick double coat. However. I’m upset that it’s snowing and I want it to stop. If you can arrange that, thank you. (Re updates–if she comes home, trust me, I will post!) I hadn’t taken the goats to the barn last night as I would have if I’d known, so they had to go wading through the snow, but were happy to be tucked into their warm, dry stall. All the outdoor barn faucet handles were frozen and I had to lug water from the house! And climb over my own gate! Because the latch is frozen. But otherwise everything is as okay as it can be….

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on February 11, 2012  

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  1. 2-11

    I was thinking of your search effort last night and thought I’d offer a tiny bit of advice. Pack an emergency backpack to take with you in case you find Coco. I’d put in a tarp and rope, in case you have to make a stretcher or drag her out on the tarp if she can’t walk. The tarp can also serve to keep her warm/dry for a period of time. I’d also take towels, duct tape, food, a big bottle of water with a little salt and sugar added to it, and a bowl. You can make an emergency splint or bandages with the towels and duct tape, and the salt/sugar water can replace electrolytes and maybe give her a boost. I worry about her being in shock. I hope you find her soon.

  2. 2-11

    OrsonDog and I are still praying about TheSearch.
    As to the frozen faucets-Hope you will be able to get some freeze-proof hydrants put in. They sure make life easier.

  3. 2-11

    I had read your post yesterday and was hoping for good news today. We Fishers here in Tennessee are rooting for Coco, and for your efforts at finding her. I am so very sorry you all are going through this.

  4. 2-11

    I had missed your Barn post. I am so sorry to hear about Coco. Dogs are smarter than humans, and she’ll know to burrow into a small area, with the snow to keep her warmer than if it was not there.

    Have you considered contacting the local police? The county or the sheriff’s patrol might hear something first if a ‘large’ dog is seen on someone’s property – especially if the person has livestock. Be sure to let them know about the Stringtown Farm possibility as well.

    Keeping my fingers crossed you will find Coco soon, or she will find her way home soon. And that she is healthy.

  5. 2-11

    I’m so sorry that you’re both having to go through this. I’m sitting here teary-eyed wishing I could come and help, but all I can do is send our hopes for a happy reunion and go out and hug my two big shaggy white dogs (maremmas). Best of luck.

  6. 2-11

    It is cold and snowy here too. I am reminded to pray for Coco and her return to your home every time I head out with the puppy. We will continue to hope for the best for all of you. The best being Coco Comes Home! of course.

  7. 2-11

    Was she microchipped? That will help if someone takes her to a vet. In our area, when someone brings in an animal the first time they are automatically scanned.
    I check the site hourly, hoping for a huge headline saying she is home.

  8. 2-11

    Postitve thoughts for the return of Coco. Your snow has finally made it to my door step. Hope it doesn’t amount to too much but looks like a nasty night for us. Stay warm and just think how much further ahead you’re going to be for next winter.

  9. 2-11

    I have been thinking about you, morgan and Coco all day. Stil praying for a positive outcome. ((((HUGS))))

  10. 2-11

    Snow might help — you could see footprints to follow. Here’s hoping.

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