Views from the Studio


Views of the inside of the studio and from the decks outside:

Won’t this be a beautiful place to hold classes with these views? It’s a little dark today–we have a storm coming in, but you can see how green it is now with the trees leafing out and the grass a-growin’

Note to those of you with photo rewards from the Kickstarter project–I am about 60 percent through the list placing orders. My original estimate on completing orders was the end of April, and I apologize for the delay in finishing. I didn’t realize when I made that estimate how long it would take! There are over 400 backers for the studio project (thank you!!), and most of those have photo rewards. Each order must be placed individually, pulling up the backer survey, finding the correct photo, inputting the address, and going through the shipping and billing. Sometimes there’s a question about the specific photo or something else is unclear, and several emails back and forth are involved to make sure each person is getting the correct photo. Sometimes it gets pretty confusing, so I try to take each order slowly and carefully. I want to be sure that every backer receives the right reward.

Also, I’ve found that if I try to place too many orders in the same day, I get in all kinds of trouble with my bank. I’ve had several phone calls from the bank, and even had my debit card shut off twice for making too many orders in one day. When I send out too many orders in one day to a series of different people, the bank thinks someone stole my debit card. And while I can explain that to the real people at the bank, the automated computer security shut-down doesn’t understand.

Many backers do already have their photos, and I’m working to complete the rest. So anyway, all that to say, please bear with me!

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on April 28, 2012  

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  1. 4-28

    How exciting to see your progress! It won’t be long now! Nice to have a great all around view with all those windows and they let in so much light.

  2. 4-28

    Looking at that first photo: I do believe that is the same paint color I used on our kitchen two weeks ago, I also did the white woodwork, and white bead-board ceiling. Just proves that great minds do indeed think alike. I see that Coco got to have a little time out in the sunshine and fresh air.

  3. 4-28

    I got mine a while ago, thank you! I’m going to find a frame for it today and hang it in my office. Thank you!

  4. 4-28

    That is Chloe in the photo!

  5. 4-28

    It would be nice if sometime down the road you could photograph from the same places as your winter farm tour. Post both as winter/spring or winter/summer. Where I live it is green in winter and brown the rest of the year. No forests just chaparral. I love forests and streams.

  6. 4-28

    Your farm is so green! Beautiful.

    I wonder if your bank has a commercial account that you could open, that would allow you more debits per day? It might make it easier down the road if you had a separate business account anyway. Just a thought.

  7. 4-28

    Look at that view! Spectacular! I love all that green. Makes me want to move to West Virginia.

    SO pleased with all the progress at Sassafras Farm. You are doing awesome, Suzanne, and you’re an inspiration to us all!!! :shimmy:

  8. 4-28

    I really like that there are multiple sliders overlooking the trees, deck and fields. If they don’t already have sliding screens you might think about investing in them; then you could have the late afternoon and evening air circulation during and after classes/workshops without the flying insects. I also know that there is a window air conditioning unit for the intensly hot days (spotted it in various studio photos) which will certainly be welcomed by attendees.
    Things are coming together very nicely, Suzanne, it’s looking great.

  9. 4-28

    The view is beautiful! I love the windows you put in there. The wall color is great too! :turtle:

  10. 4-28

    Aw Suzanne, we all know you are busy and it’s good!
    As for myself, I am being entertained by you keepig me up to date on all of your goings on.
    Just keep up what you are doing, the studio and view are looking fantasic!

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