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Guest post by Clover:

Dear Readers,

Thank you for asking about me. That Woman has become besotted with a COW and she has forgotten me. I can’t remember the last time I had a cookie. Did I not have TWO babies? How many babies did the cow have, hmm?

Since you are the only ones who are thinking about me, I must tell you that I’m being held hostage by the Russian mafia. They will not release me until you send cookies!

Thank you for your help. I know you care. Unlike SOME PEOPLE.


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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on September 20, 2010  

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  1. 9-20

    AWWWWW Clover….I’d send cookies for your ransom…heck, I’d send you cookies just because you and your babies are sooooo cute.

  2. 9-20

    Poor Clover. We have all been really worried about you. My, how much your babies have grown. Hopefully you will receive your cookies soon. And I did mean COOKIES!! You should get more than one or two. Go for the whole dozen!! James Bond is unavailable at this time, maybe Supergoat is available.

  3. 9-20

    Poor Clover! A little jealousy might be a good thing though!

  4. 9-20

    I truly dont get it Clover. I cant imagine why *anyone* would prefer a COWs company to a GOATS! Hopefully she comes to her senses soon and your cookies arrive!

  5. 9-20

    oh Clover…so good to hear from you. I will send the cookies for your ransom. You have been missed my lady. Hope the mafia is treating you better then that woman who has forgotten about you.

  6. 9-20

    Been sitting by the phone for news about you. Box o’ borscht cookies on their way for ransom. {{Check out file in the bottom of the box!}}

  7. 9-20

    Poor Clover! Deserted in your hour of need, just when you have the responsibility for two young kids. I can see the worried look replacing your former eager smile. People are so fickle.

    PS Your babies are beautiful.

  8. 9-20

    Ohhh Clover so glad to hear from you. Your two babies are very beautiful!! Hope you get cookies soon!! :sheep:

  9. 9-20

    Damn those Russians. Just hold on a little longer Clover. The cookies are in the mail.

  10. 9-20

    Those babies are really growing Clover! You’re doing a great job and I think you deserve all the cookies you want!

  11. 9-20

    Awww Clover, I bet you’re in cookie withdrawal! Suffering miserably…on your last hooves! I noticed your two babies have horns. Maybe, when “THAT” woman comes to tend you and she bends over to fill the water dish…you know, maybe the babies could practice their butting lessons! Ummm…you get the picture!

  12. 9-20

    Awww, come on Clover. You don’t fool me for a second, nice try though. Maybe you miss cookies, but that is a very contented look on your face. Bless you and your sweet,happy little family.

  13. 9-20

    Awwwww…poor clover!!!

  14. 9-20

    Dear Clover,
    My goats ran away and do not want to come home. I am sure you would never do such a thing! If you would like to come live at my house I will feed you cookies every day and will NEVER mention that cute, adorable…errr…I mean that mean nasty cow! I can not however do anything about the Russian Mafia holding you hostage. May I suggest using one of your many disguises. I especially like you in your soapmaking goggles!

  15. 9-20

    Poor Clover! Suzanne, you need to bake some cookies soon! :fairy: aka grandmatotwo

  16. 9-20

    Don’t worry, Clover. You’ll always be MY favorite. That woman must be having a mid-life crisis…running to the newest young thing that twitches her tail at her. Humph.

  17. 9-20

    Dear Clover

    My broom is on its way…loaded with the peanutbutterchocochip cookies I made this afternoon.

    Please don’t eat the duct tape used to attach said cookies!

    Ear Rubs to you


  18. 9-20

    Awww Clover,
    You poor thing! You deserve all the cookies you can eat! We have not forgotten you!

  19. 9-20

    Oh poor Clover my love — what has become of that woman that she has forgotten our sweetheart with her lovely babies. Make friends with BP and GB and you might be able to have plenty of milk to drink with your cookie deliveries that are on the way – wink wink.

  20. 9-20

    Poor Clover – you must be exhausted. Taking care of your beautiful new babies all by yourself, with no help from that woman who now spends all her time witha cow and a baby cow! What’s going to happen to the rest of you? I think you’ll have to make do with that escapist sheep to help you get away from the Mafia. Or get Spice to open the gate, since we all know that darn cat can open doors.

    I still love you best!

  21. 9-20

    Dear Clover,

    I’m sorry. I’m just not buying the whole Russian mafia thing. I recognize the background in the photos you posted, and I know you are still at That Woman’s house! Admit it. You are jealous of a COW, and this is a sympathy play… a clever plot to get all of That Woman’s readers to send COOKIES!

    And it’s WORKING. Sympathy abounds in response to your letter. Cookies are already in the mail. From everywhere! But be careful what you wish for. Soon you will be rolling in cookies of every flavor and shape. Soon you will have so many cookies you will tire of them. You will want nothing to do with cookies. You’ll want cake. What will you do then, hmmm?

    You know That Woman loves you and your babies soooo much. Don’t worry, this is only a temporary distraction. She will soon be back to her normal self.

    Give those adorable babies a kiss for me.

  22. 9-20

    Yeah, I was looking for you and your babies Clover. Thank “that woman” for finding you!

  23. 9-20

    :snuggle: Suzanne, all of your animals are precious.I could have gotten that same pose from my 3 goats today, only they were looking under my shed with 3 out streched necks.Come to find out,Lucky,my cat, was visiting close by.They have had very few glimpses of him, and the first was when he was airborn over hitting the electric fence.I think he scared them with that caper, as much if not more than the fence scared him.

  24. 9-20

    Hate to tell you this, Clo, but I was on Anderson Island, WA yesterday, and I fed a WHOLE BAG of iced animal crackers to the local goats. Two bucks, a doe and a buckling. Boy did they like them!

    Mary K

  25. 9-20

    Poor Clover! Cute babies! Don’t listen to that mean lady above…. we love you and will feed you cookies! Nom nom nom!

  26. 10-25

    Ah Clover, You are incorrigible! But I love you anyway….goats are so cute.

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