A Discovery of Forgotten Treasure

Post by community member:

My husband was cleaning out the garage and brought an old, dusty, falling apart box inside. He told me that I should look through it. The box was set aside and I took the time to unpack it a couple of days ago. I was thrilled with my discovery!

The box contained china! Beautiful, delicate china with little blue flowers and glistening silver trim!


Then I remembered! I knew where it came from. I knew how I got it. I cannot believe I had forgotten about this treasure!

Years ago, when I was a newlywed, my parents were asked by a very dear family friend if I would like this set of china. It was purchased for her granddaughter, who did not like the pattern. My mom asked me, and I said that I would love to have it even though I didn’t remember ever seeing the china. My parents went and picked up the boxes and kept them for me. The boxes of china were forgotten for a while. Then, in a fit of cleaning, my mom decided that they were no longer going to store them for me and brought them to my house and placed them in the garage while I was not home.

These boxes were brought to me at a time when my house was overflowing with people and belongings. My sister-in-law and her family had moved across the country and were staying with us while they looked for and built a house. There were four adults, a teenager, a toddler, one cat and one dog all stuffed into our poor little house. My house was stuffed to the point of overflowing. Needless to say, the china stayed in the boxes in the garage and was forgotten about again.

After ten years and moving three times, one of the boxes has finally surfaced and not one piece in the tattered old box was broken or even chipped! I went through the box expecting the worst.


Isn’t it beautiful! I am very much in love with it! I love the pattern. I love the little pedestal footed coffee cups. After looking at it, I must say that I do have a very vague memory of being a little girl and seeing this at our friends house.

Our dear family friend is no longer with us. I cannot even imagine her picking out this particular pattern of china. She was a little eccentric with her pink or purple tinted hair, gaudy earrings and bold, bright patterns who had no problems speaking her mind.

I am so glad I now have this forgotten treasure. My husband has been instructed to move heaven and earth in the garage to find that other box that is hiding somewhere in there. I just hope that box fairs as well as this one did!


This is no longer a forgotten treasure.

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