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A Drool-Worthy Dessert

Submitted by: flier389 on February 8, 2011
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A Drool-Worthy Dessert


Okay, everyone get out your bibs, your spoons, and the ice cream–we’re doing Dutch-Oven Cherry Cobbler! (No drooling, please.)

How to make Dutch-Oven Cobbler:

The ingredients you’ll need are two cans of fruit pie filling–this one is cherry, but you can use any fruit filling that you like. You can …




Okay, everyone get out your bibs, your spoons, and the ice cream–we’re doing Dutch-Oven Cherry Cobbler! (No drooling, please.)

How to make Dutch-Oven Cobbler:

The ingredients you’ll need are two cans of fruit pie filling–this one is cherry, but you can use any fruit filling that you like. You can add more cans of the pie filling if you want a bigger or thicker cobbler. Then you need one cake mix, any flavor, but I usually use white or yellow cake mix. Also, a stick of butter, and some brown sugar.

First off, you need your dutch oven. If you don’t have a dutch oven, just use a baking/casserole dish. Maybe you could do it in a 9×9 or 9×13 pan, depending on how thick you want it.

The dutch oven I’ve got is a little big for making this cobbler for two people, so it’s going to be a little on the thin side. Use something smaller than I did, if possible.

Take some heavy-duty aluminum foil and line the dutch oven (we do that so the acid from the fruit does not react or pit our cast iron or take away the cure on it). Makes clean up easier, too. But if you are using a baking pan, you don’t need to use the foil lining.

Open up the cans of pie filling and dump them in.

Then open the box of cake mix and dump the whole box on top and spread it around. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just dump it in and spread it out.

Use 1/2 cup to a cup of brown sugar, and just spread or sprinkle on top of the cake mix.

Take the stick of butter and cut it into chunks–as many or as few as you want. It’ll melt around. Put the chunks on top as evenly as you can.

Put the lid on and it’s ready to go into the oven. (No lid needed if you’re using a baking dish.)

Stick it in the preheated oven (350 degrees) and let it bake until the butter melts and turns the top golden brown. The time depends on what pan you use and your altitude. We put a baking sheet under ours to catch any drips.

If you are out camping, this is a great dessert after a long day tromping through the woods. First time I made it, there were three of us guys on a hunting trip. We put it all in the dutch oven, placed it in our fire-pit, and covered it up with coals on top and surrounding the bottom. Then we just walked away. After about 45 minutes we could smell the cobbler, and since we had finished dinner we decided it was time for dessert.

We pulled it out of the fire, blew the coals off the top so we didn’t get any in the cobbler, and proceeded to dish up three big bowls of blueberry cobbler. After finishing a bowl each, we just looked at each other and smiled, threw our bowls on the ground, and took our spoons and the three of us stood around the dutch oven– we were chow hounds–and stood there and fed our faces, talking and laughing and having a real good time. We were all eating fast ’cause we were afraid somebody would get more than the other, so it got a little messy. Before we knew it, we had finished off that whole dutch oven cobbler in one setting.

We were full, not miserable, but definitely full. We talked for more than two hours about how good that cobbler was. Then we wished we’d saved some for the next day. See if you can save some for the next day!

There is a lot of tasty combination potential. Try blueberry instead of cherry. How about apple pie filling with spice cake mix? Strawberry or raspberry filling with chocolate? Try ’em all.

So, cook it up, eat it up, and enjoy. Feed your face with delicious cobbler!

Get the handy print page and save this to your recipe box here:
Dutch-Oven Cobbler.

Jim blogs at Granddad’s Corner.

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  1. 2-8

    yummmmo JIM!! I want some now.Breakfast!! I like the apple filling and spice cake idea. Thanks for sharing great idea!!
    Granny Trace

  2. 2-8

    Oh man, Jim, you made me HUNGRY! We always make this cobbler when we go camping, but it’s been awhile since we’ve been able to escape to the lake or woods. Our favorite combination is apple pie filling with a caramel cake mix. I can’t find the caramel cake mix just anywhere…Duncan Hines is the only one I’ve found who makes it, and there’s only one grocery store in town that carries it. I’d love to know how to make that cake mix from scratch! Hmmm…think this might be on our menu tonight!

  3. 2-8

    Jim, you can’t get any easier than that! That recipe is definitely on my “TO TRY” list! Thanks!

  4. 2-8


    My keyboard appreciates the drool warning! I’ve heard about this recipe but didn’t think it sounded that good. Boy, is a picture worth a thousand words. I know what we’re having for dessert tonight. Thanks for the great post. I can’t wait to add this to our favorites

  5. 2-8

    Jim, this looks great! My stomach has started growling! I’m thinking the spice cake/apple sounds wonderful 🙂

    Towlady–I researched the Duncan Hines Caramel Cake because that sounds too good! The ingredients are the same as their yellow cake mix + nofat dry milk, Colored with (Caramel Color) instead of Colored with (Yellow 5 Lake, Red 40 Lake). It may be a marketing ploy!

  6. 2-8

    Cherries is BO’s favorite, I’ll ahve to try it.
    Thanks Jim

  7. 2-8

    This sounds grest Jim. I am going to make it tonight. A new full-time job has put a serious hitch in my baking time. The hairy-legged men in my life are bemoaning the lack of sweets. Thanks for posting and sharing.

  8. 2-8

    Your cobbler is addictive. SO good.

    There is one problem with this recipe: it disappears too fast!

  9. 2-8

    Boy that does look delicious Jim. Will have to try that one of these nights for dessert.
    Tow Lady….I tried E-Bay to see if any of your cake mixes on there. They have 10.

    Mrs. Turkey

  10. 2-8

    Thank you one and all . Eat it warm , with a scoop of ice cream . You may have to make more than one . My wife has it almost every night .

    For me , it is one of my feel good foods .

  11. 2-8

    A friend started making the variation using biscuit mix – cooked outdoors over the coals – many years ago with Scouts. Never had a problem with sticking inside the Dutch oven. (Using foil sure would make clean-up easier, especially at a camp site. Good tip!)

    As nice as the cobbler is using the biscuit mix, I really, really prefer it with the cake mix! Haven’t had it in a very long time, so especially appreciate having the recipe again.


  12. 2-8

    Hi Jim, I’m a long-time Boy Scout Leader and used to teach Dutch Oven cooking (over coals). These cobblers are scrumptious! The cherry pie filling is also very decadent with chocolate cake mix.

    For more of a cake topping, I’ve done exactly as you’ve outlined, but then poured over the top, one 12 ounce soda pop…any flavor. For a cherry filling, chocolate cake mix, I used cherry cola. No need to mix anything, just assemble and bake. Yummy!

  13. 2-8

    This sounds like what we call a “dump” cake. No mixing involved; just dump it, in layers, and bake. Has anyone ever experimented with using fresh fruit, rather then pie filling? We’re both diabetics and this is just one layer of sugar on another!

  14. 2-8

    Hi Jim, I added this to my recipe box. Looks soooo good…will be making it soon. Thanks for sharing.

  15. 2-8

    Mmmm…this looks fabulous!

  16. 2-8

    For those that are diabetic . Try making your cobbler with sugar free pie filling , and sugar free cake mix , or a biscut mix . You could use brown sugar splenda also . Be a little inventive . And please let me know how it goes.

    As for fresh fruit , give it a try . I have not tried it . But if you add a can of diet soda , as was written above . It should turn out pretty good .

    And again , thank you all for the comments .

  17. 2-8

    Cherry version in the oven right now. Massive eating will happen in about an hour. Thanks for giving away my secret .


  18. 2-8

    I always enjoy reading your posts, and this one was no exception. Could this be any simpler – or any more delicious? Love your down to earth style as well. Thanks a bunch!

  19. 2-9

    Thank you very much . And as for giving away any secrets , OOPS !! I’m bad. But it tastes sooo , good .

  20. 2-13


    I made this today for my new grandson’s first visit to our house. He didn’t partake, he’s only one week old but the 16 other people thought it was fantastic. I made a strawberry and an apple/blueberry combo. There’s isn’t a drop remaining in either pan. Wonderful and so easy. I can’t wait to try other combinations. This is definitely a keeper. Your recipe also allowed me to introduce CiTR to my sister-in-law. Thank you so much for sharing.

  21. 2-14

    Thanks for the nice comment, kellyb. I am honored to have had my recipe have a place at your table.

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