A New Year, a New Snack

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Happy New Year!

A New Year, A New Beginning. Or in this case, a New Snack!

I have a new recipe, or rather idea, to share with you today. It’s not mine, it’s my brother John’s. John travels on the road quite a bit while working and quite often eats out of a convenience store. There really is not a lot to choose from there, but he does his best–like Jalapeno Cheetohs and Hershey candy bars. Imagine his surprise when he was eating the two at the same time a couple weeks ago and the flavor combination amazed him!

John loves food and doesn’t hesitate to try something new. So, before the Christmas celebrations started here last weekend, he experimented with his new flavor combination.

Jalapeno Cheetoh,

meet chocolate.

The two shall never be apart again.

A chocolatey, cheesy crunch with a little kick. Whooda thunk?

Though those were amazing themselves, using Chocolate Candyquick, he said the Hershey bar was better. He was really excited when I told him he could melt a Hershey bar the same way he did the Candyquick.

He has found an all new favorite snack that I’m sure will make its appearance again.


He took the extra bag of Cheetohs with him.

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