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Blackberry Bliss

Submitted by: mom2girls on June 16, 2011
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Blackberry Bliss


My husband loves pie. Yesterday I promised to make him one.

I have to admit that I started off married life in a pie baking frenzy. Those were the glory days before diaper pails, crunched up Cheerio encrusted floors, and K-2 sized piles of dirty laundry. …




My husband loves pie. Yesterday I promised to make him one.

I have to admit that I started off married life in a pie baking frenzy. Those were the glory days before diaper pails, crunched up Cheerio encrusted floors, and K-2 sized piles of dirty laundry. While I have mastered single handed cake making with the help of my KitchenAid mixer, how does one roll out pastry with a baby on the hip? Let’s just say that the whole process is one of those things that has become a sometimes treat.

Lily Wallace would not be happy. I think she was kind of a stickler for a well ordered life. I think she also thought women should wear heels and pearls in the kitchen. On both accounts, I clearly miss the mark.

When I flipped through the pages of the 1943 copy of The Lily Wallace New American Cook Book I picked up recently at a used bookstore, I chuckled to myself at all the ‘outdated’ expectations and instructions that peppered the book; at all the rules and requirements to achieve the status of competent homemaker and great cook. But then I found myself reflecting on some of the ties that bind me to the footsteps of my grandmothers. Whether they stay at home, go to work, or try to do both, I think a lot of women sixty years later are still looking for that affirmation; somebody’s seal of approval. I know I catch myself all of the time thinking “I wish I had a cleaner house” or “I wish I had more patience with my kids” or “I wish I had more time to develop this skill set”. It was a much needed gentle reminder of how I need to go out and jump in some puddles of grace for myself once and awhile.

That’s one of the things I love about vintage cookbooks. They can be a window on how things have changed, while also providing the opportunity to ponder how they are very much the same. On a more practical note, they also serve as a wonderful treasure trove of ‘what’s old is new again’ recipes. As I took my journey of discovery through this old collection, I turned to this page, and the angels sang…


Now, I love meringue topped pie. But in my sheltered little life I have only ever thought of it with lemon or key lime, both of which I adore. But seriously, there are others? According to Ms. Wallace, there are at least eleven others, some with multiple variations. Where have these recipes been my whole life?

Fast forward to when I was cleaning out my freezer this past weekend getting ready for the preserving season ahead, and I found these gorgeous gems calling out to be freed from their cryogenic state and turned into something sweet and spectacular…


Yes, that sealed the deal. A blackberry meringue pie had to be made.

I’ll claim at the outset that I altered Ms. Wallace’s recipe slightly. Although she heavily cautions even the “capable cook” in tampering with her “proven” recipes, I’m pulling up my pant legs and splashing in puddles here, remember? If I think the filling needs egg yolks, I’ll put them in. Thank you for the inspiration lady, but it’s my kitchen and my rain dance.

The results? Delicious.


My household agreed. I bet yours will, too!

How to make Blackberry Meringue Pie:

(adapted from The Lily Wallace New American Cookbook)

1 prebaked pie shell
1/3 cup of sugar
2 tablespoons cornstarch
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
2 1/2 cups canned blackberries in syrup*
2 tablespoons lemon juice
1 tablespoon butter
2 egg yolks
2 egg whites
6 tablespoons sugar

Combine the 1/3 cup of sugar, cornstarch, salt, and cinnamon with the syrup (no more than 1 cup) drained from the blackberries. Cook in a saucepan over medium heat until smooth and thick, stirring constantly. Add 1 cup of thickened sauce slowly to egg yolks, and then whisk egg yolk mixture back into remaining sauce. Bring to gentle boil, reduce heat, and simmer for two minutes. Remove from heat and then add berries, lemon juice, and butter. Pour into pastry shell. Beat egg whites until soft peaks form. Continue beating, adding sugar one tablespoon at a time until stiff peaks form. Spread over filling and bake in low oven (350 degrees) for 15 minutes or until well browned. Blueberries, strawberries, gooseberries, or loganberries may be substituted.

* I brought 3 1/2 cups of loosely packed frozen blackberries to a boil with 3/4 cups of water. I simmered this for 10 minutes, added 1 cup of sugar, brought back to the boil and then simmered briefly again.

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Blackberry Meringue Pie.

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  1. 6-16

    Waiting for our Blackberries to ripen! After reading this post, I really am getting impatient! I really enjoyed reading it and love the ‘puddles of grace’!

  2. 6-16

    Thank you for sharing this heavenly pie recipe. I love love love pie.
    And I love vintage cookbooks too.
    Hugs Granny Trace

  3. 6-16

    I did not know there were other meringue pies either! But I guess it makes sense…fruit pie with meringue.

    Thank you! This looks wonderful!

  4. 6-16

    for those who are interested… you can “borrow” this as an “Ebook” here

    you just need to create an acct
    no additional reader needed either…. i’m looking at it right now! (from work! ssshhhh! dont tell!)

  5. 6-16

    Pie looks yummy, slice me a piece and get me a cup of coffee please!

  6. 6-16

    I always put meringue on coconut cream and banana cream pies. My husband’s aunt made Angel pie which was mostly meringue.

  7. 6-17

    I have never heard of a meringue fruit pie! It looks delicious. I am saving the recipe.

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