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Comfy and cozy are friendly adjectives. They may evoke thoughts of a favorite cushy chair, or soft blanket. They may bring back memories of a loving parent tucking you in and asking if you were cozy while snuggled in your bed. I feel a sense of warmth just typing the words.

Food can be a great source of well being. Americans have coined the term “comfort food”. Comfort food is most often home cooked. If served in a restaurant, it’s a food that the chef probably had in his or her past. It gives us a sense of home, even when we aren’t there. We can identify with certain foods because of nostalgia or culture. “Gee, my grandmother used to make that!” These meals give us a sense of contentment.

Food is universal. I recently read an article that told of two ethnic groups in a country who could not get along. They had a long history of fighting and bloodshed. Peacemakers learned they could bring the women of the groups together to cook and dine. Suspicion and prejudice evaporated and friendships were formed over time. We all need to eat. For most, it’s an enjoyable experience. I have a relative who could kill that idea, but that’s another post! It amazes me how people draw to a kitchen in social situations. It is a place to bond over common interests. Forget cleaning the house. They may not see much more than your kitchen.

I surveyed different cuisines and noticed how many things were common to varied regions. I think comfort food for the world may be rooted in soups and stews, which every culture has no matter what they might call them.

Spicy Black Bean, Chicken, and Corn Stew.

The list of comfort foods is extensive and one that can be quite individual. We come to Farm Bell Recipes because of food. We learn, we share, and we reminisce. We all seem to understand the value of feeling as comfy as a child tucked in with a cozy blanket. We also know how good it feels to make others feel cozy, loved, and well fed.

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