Cookery 101: Leftovers – Hot Sandwiches

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Leftovers — something everyone has and something that sometimes leaves us blank on how to use them up. Mom’s 1947 Culinary Arts Institute Encyclopedic Cookbook has a whole section dedicated just to leftovers.

Today is making Hot Sandwiches out of our leftovers. I do believe eating habits were different in the old days to have some of these leftovers or maybe that’s why there are leftovers!

1. Broiled hamburger steaks on round rolls, with chopped pickles, carrots, celery or radishes added to the meat before broiling.

2. Broiled pineapple with sliced hot chicken, turkey or duck on whole-wheat bread.

3. Broiled ham or sliced roast lamb with grilled pineapple on toasted English muffins.

4. Hot roast veal and grilled tomato on rye roll.

5. Grilled tomato with Cheddar cheese on rye toast.

6. Hot smoked tongue (???) with fried apples on toasted English muffins.

7. Scrambled eggs with minced ham, dried beef, liver sausage, pork sausage, sliced frankfurters, salmon, smoked fish, cheese, tomatoes or mixed vegetables.

8. Broiled meat loaf on toast with gravy.

9. Broiled hash on toast with coleslaw.

10. Mashed baked beans with chili sauce and chopped pickle on toasted Boston Brown Bread.

11. Minced chicken livers and giblets with chopped bacon on toast.

Do you have favorite hot sandwiches that you pull the leftovers out to make? I’d love to know!

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