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Cream of Mushroom Soup to Can

Submitted by: wvhomecanner on May 5, 2010
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Cream of Mushroom Soup to Can

I use this as is – no cream or milk needed. I usually make a triple batch and I have found that if I chop some of the mushrooms in about 1/4? dice, and some finely chopped in a food processor, it comes closest to commercial soup.

Difficulty: Intermediate

Servings: 5 pints


1/3 cup butter

1 pound mushrooms, chopped or sliced

3/4 cup Clearjel

2 quarts meat stock (beef is really good – I use reduced sodium)

1 T. salt (I do not add)

1 tsp. lemon juice


Melt butter. Add mushrooms and cook until browned.
Add meat stock, saving enough to mix with the Clearjel.
Make a paste with meat stock and Clearjel.
Mix all ingredients and heat until it boils, stirring often.
Put in jars, leaving one inch headspace after debubbling, and process in pressure canner for 45 minutes at 10 lb.pressure (adjust for your altitude).
When opening to use, add equal amount of milk and soup.
Very good!

Categories: Canning, Low-Sodium, Other Soups & Stews, PC Other, PC Veggies, Preserving, Pressure Canning, Soups & Stews

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  1. 6-4

    I don’t care what you’re doing right now. Drop everything, go get some mushrooms and make this recipe. I’ve always made this using turkey stock, that’s what I have. It’s really good with turkey stock. Today I made this with beef stock. I’m embarrassed to say this but I ate it right out of the jar for lunch. It’s fantastic. Heavenly, divine, yummy. I’m on my third tripe batch for the day. Dede, why were you keeping the beef version from me?

  2. 6-4

    Yeah, it’s THAT good. Yer killin me though because JUST before I saw this post I was in the cellar getting a pint of whole mushrooms to go in the crockpot w/ a chuck roast. And was reminded that I am OUT of this. OUT I say, SNIFF
    Feeling like a Has Been lately. As in HAS BEEN too busy to can anything, HAS BEEN swamped and exhausted. I have to get salsa and cream if mushroom canned ASAP. We’re going thru withdrawal…..


    ps kelly – it does say ‘beef is really good…’

    • 6-4

      Then you’ll really get mad when I tell you that I got 12 pounds of mushrooms at the produce auction for $11. As soon as I saw them I knew I was making more of this soup, I’ve just never made it with beef. Now I need to get more beef bones to makes more broth. The beef just gives it a much richer flavor. I can see adding a little red wine and having an fantastic instant sauce.

      Tell us about your canned mushrooms…..

  3. 6-6

    the canned mushrooms are easy peasy. Just pressure canned in water. I can some sliced, some quartered, and the smaller ones whole. You also need to try the Golden Mushroom, Kelly – it’s soooo good.


  4. 9-4

    We LOVE this soup….way better than the store bought junk! Flavorful and creamy…without the high fructose corn puke! Bless you!

  5. 9-4

    Glad you like it! Now, go make some of the Golden Mushroom soup… it is divine!
    And don’t forget Cream of Celery!


  6. 1-27

    I’ve got my first batch ever of this stuff in the canner… The smidgeon left in the pot thickened nicely as it cooled and tasted marvelous! I didn’t have any home-made stock so used 1 qt low sodium beef broth and 1 qt low sodium Garlic-Onion Beef broth. My first time using “clear-jel” (only the Beachy Amish store had “thermo-lam” instead – supposed to work exactly like cooking clear-jel) and I don’t know why I was so nervous about finally using it! Thanks for the cream of…soup recipes to can DeDe. I think they may have changed my life LOL

    • 1-27

      Yay! Now that you have gotten past the Clearjel fear, the jars will fill! What you just made is the base idea for the others. I just swapped celery for the shrooms and chicken broth for the beef and voila! Cream of celery!


      • 1-28

        I have the cream of celery recipe already on my agenda and figure it may become my “go to” cream of ___ soup because of the accessability of inexpensive celery around here… Has anyone tried cream of chicken? Or would the length of time for the meat not go well with the therm-flo/clear jel?

        Thanks again for a wonderful recipe!

  7. 2-1

    Bsue, yes you can make cream of chicken, cream of chicken mushroom, etc. Just use the times for meats as you mentioned. The Clearjel works great with the longer process times, no problem. I thicken beef stew with it for canning too. You can even can gravy – just use Clearjel, broth 🙂

    • 2-4

      Thanx so much DeDe – I got all the stuff to try out your hamberger stroganoff for canning (Yahoo Canning 2, if I remember correctly), but I did that hard on the heels of a trip to Ikea with my mother-in-law, and my knees protested for the rest of the weekend. Maybe one night this week, the canning jars will align properly! LOL Thanks for opening up a whole world of cream of WHATEVER soups for me to can!!!!

  8. 8-5

    I made this today, but will be canning it later this evening. I tried a bit mixed with milk for lunch to eat as soup, and WOW! I did dice my mushroom caps, and chopped my stems fine and I really like that texture. On it’s own it looks really dark, but with the milk it looks like…well..mushroom soup! I made it to mix in with recipes more than eat on it’s own, so when I try that after canning I might add another review. So far, excellent! (mix of chicken, veggie, and beef broth).

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