Crunchy Pineapple Mold

Submitted by: farmershae on June 6, 2010

Lovely and fun Jello salad. Granma started using this recipe in 1969, 3 years before I was born!!!! I’m sure the source was a magazine or newspaper, but that info is long gone.

Servings: 6-8   Prep Time: 15 min     


1 1/4 C hot water
1 (3 oz) box lemon gelatin (Jello)
1 (8 oz) can drained crushed pineapple
1/2 C pineapple syrup reserved from draining
1/4 C diced celery
1/2 C diced apple (red)
1/4 C chopped walnuts


Pour hot water over gelatin, stir until dissolved. Add reserved pineapple syrup and stir. Place in refrigerator, chill until consistency of unbeaten egg white (this comes quickly once the gelatin begins to chill!). Fold in pineapple and remaining ingredients. Pour into molds and return to refrigerator. Chill until firm. Unmold on greens or lovely plate and enjoy!

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