Easy and Fun Fruit Leather

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A few weeks ago during spring break here, I decided to start it off with something fun for the kids. I decided to try my hand at making fruit leather in my dehydrator. I wanted to use something that would be easy, inexpensive and, of course, fun! It’s spring break–it has to be fun!

After a trip to the store, we came home with two large jars of applesauce and two small packages of Jell-O. The perfect combination. Easy, inexpensive and fun!


Dump one jar of applesauce in a bowl and add one package of Jell-O, mixing until combined.

Spread thinly on parchment paper lined trays. Place in dehydrator until dehydrated, yet still pliable. When done, roll up parchment paper with fruit leather and cut into desired size pieces.

This can also be done in the oven. Just spread on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet and place in oven set at lowest temperature for 5-6 hours until done.


I think they are enjoying it!

I spent about $5 getting 2 jars of applesauce and 2 packages of Jell-O. It made 56 rolls the way I cut them. I am pretty happy with that and so are the kiddos!

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