Gizzards (Lizards and Farts)

Submitted by: SaraBeth on May 4, 2010

Stewed gizzards, in a gravy, we serve over instant rice.

Servings: 4        


2 lbs gizzards and hearts
Soy sauce
2 tbsp flour


1. Brown in dutch oven in shortening/oil for awhile, pour in warm water in to cover.
2. Cover pot. (Add more water as they cook) Start hi, cook slow – simmer.
3. After they’re done (about 2 hours) put soy sauce in (quite a bit till tasty) some pepper.
4. Then take 2 tbsp flour w/ water mix well in separate bowl. Put in with gizzards, stir.
5. Turn up to hi to thicken, always stirring. (Not a lot of flour.)

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