Submitted by: MrsFuzz on January 19, 2011

The recipe, as passed from generation to generation: “Take one pork roast, and one beef roast. Cook them with water, salt, onions and bay. Grind the meat, put into a pot with the broth at about a 50:50 ratio & heat. Mix in oatmeal until a wooden spoon stands up straight in the middle of the pot. Cook a little longer, then put into loaf pans to cool. Slice, then fry & serve on bread or toast.”

The following recipe is the ratios my mother and I came up with starting from scratch–cooking a pig’s head. You can use a simple pork roast.

Servings: 20 POUNDS        


2 1/2 lb beef rump roast (yield: 1 1/4 lbs cooked)
Pork — 7 lb pig head (yield: 3 3/4 lbs cooked)–If afraid to use a pig’s head, just use a nice pork roast. It will yield differently, though.
2 Tablespoons salt
4 bay leaves
3 smallish onions
24 cups oatmeal — old-fashioned, NOT quick
About 22 cups water


Mixing the meats and broth together is best done in thirds, though you could do it all together if you had a big enough (read HUGE) pot.

Put the ground pork, ground beef, and the broth into the pot so that the ratio is pretty close to 50:50, adding water if it seems too meaty. We just eyeball it, nothing too exact. Heat until simmering, then start adding in the oatmeal. Be careful during this stage, because you sort of end up with meat lava that spits everywhere.

Each batch averaged about 8 cups of oatmeal needed to make the spoon stand up straight in the middle. Let it cook a couple more minutes before putting it into various containers to cool.

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