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Hershey’s Syrup

Submitted by: cindyp on April 19, 2010
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Hershey's Syrup

I found this in a fund raising cookbook from 1985 and she said she had been making it for 40 years.

And it TASTES just like the old hershey’s syrup that I remember from that can with the yellow lid

Difficulty: Easy

Servings: 1

Cook Time: 5 min  


1 c cocoa
1 1/2 c sugar
1 c hot water


Mix together and boil for 3 minutes.

Add 2 tsp. vanilla

Yield: 1 pint – for immediate household consumption!

Categories: Syrups


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  1. 4-19

    Wonderful, wonderful stuff!

  2. 5-2

    This chocolate syrup is awesome! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your recipe!!

  3. 5-3

    Thanks so much for sharing this recipe!

  4. 5-5

    How long will it keep?

  5. 5-8

    Now I’d like to ask a question about this….is this to mix with milk and so forth to make like hot chocolate or is it to drizzle over ice cream or piece of cake? I was thinking of Christmas gifts …in a basket with a mug, fancy cookies etc.

  6. 5-8

    I’ve had it in my fridge for over 3 weeks and it’s still good!

    It’s just like the stuff that used to come in a can with the yellow plastic lid, it’s liquid and must be refrigerated……I use it in milk to make chocolate milk, put it on ice cream.

  7. 5-10

    Very easy to make. I used it over homemade ice cream and it was wonderful!

  8. 5-10

    I asked Dede, a very experienced canning extraordinaire, about the possibility of canning this.

    Her response: “The conclusion after a discussion was that after looking at several recipes with cocoa (particularly a couple of them in Blue Ribbon Preserves by Linda Amendt) that BWB 15 minutes works with a shelf life of about 4 months recommended.
    The NCHFP position is that they “have no safe tested recipes” — this was from a discussion on Canning2.

    I think this would be great in a gift basket at Christmas…with Butterscotch Sauce and ice cream scoop for the ice cream lovers on your list!

  9. 5-16

    Thanks Cindy!!

    We are making this now.

  10. 5-16

    Boys gave it two thumbs up. :~)

  11. 5-17

    I will never buy Hershey’s Syrup again…this is so easy and tastes awesome! I uploaded a picture today of my fresh batch 🙂

  12. 8-25

    This is soooo good! Way better than any you buy in the store. I’ve just made a 2nd batch. I did like you CindyP……put the home made stuff in the “brand” container. No one knows it’s not brand name stuff. Thank you for the idea.

  13. 12-6

    I got this recipe from my momma years ago & love it!

  14. 1-8

    Hi Cindy P! Just made the Hershey Syrup. Fantastic! It is SOOOO cold here today. I needed something warm to drink. I had the instant stuff(you know the kind in the box)I will be making this again….I know my son and grandson will love it also.Thanks for sharing the recipe.Keep warm.Judy

  15. 1-9

    Many (many!) years ago my sister and I were in 4-H and one of the things we learned was how to make chocolate syrup. Probably the same recipe. Will definitely make this. Thanks for posting!

  16. 7-9

    I think chocolate syrup was the first thing my (then) teenage son learned to make. It was very shortly after our move to Kenya from Texas and he wanted chocolate milk. One of the first things we were given upon our arrival was a cookbook titled “Newcomers Guide to Cooking in Africa.” Full of make-it-from-scratch recipes, including this one. Delicious!

  17. 10-13

    I have always just left it stored in the pantry. It never lasts long around here to think of a shelf life. Maybe the longest was a month. It was just fine.

    For a “get every drop” tip, we store ours in pint sized mason jars and when there is only a little bit left in the jar we just add milk, give it a stir and have a drink. We drink out of mason jars around here anyway.

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