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Homemade Breakfast Fast-Food

Submitted by: astrid on February 1, 2011
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Homemade Breakfast Fast-Food

My oldest son is in University and lives in the city. Of course he comes home on a regular basis, to drop off his laundry and to “shop” in my pantry and freezers.


Today’s students don’t want to suffer, but want to drive an almost new car, have …




My oldest son is in University and lives in the city. Of course he comes home on a regular basis, to drop off his laundry and to “shop” in my pantry and freezers.

Today’s students don’t want to suffer, but want to drive an almost new car, have the fanciest phone there is, etc. He loves to buy food in the fast-food stores on campus, even he if couldn’t afford it. That couldn’t prevent that one day–he was simply broke. So I helped him make budgets and I told him not to buy prepared food anymore but make his own. “I don’t have time in the morning,” was his reply.

So now every time he comes home, we make lunches and breakfasts ahead, wrap and freeze them. There are 2 big time favorites–the breakfast burrito and theStacker.

Breakfast Stackers

Even number prepared pancakes
Breakfast meat of your choice
Eggs seasoned to your liking
Cheese if you’d like

All I–we–do is make the batter for pancakes–this can be a mix or your own.

Bake an even amount of pancakes then spread syrup on them while still warm. The syrup will soak in the pancake.

After you’re done making the pancakes, make the meat. We don’t like the patties, so we use either ham or bacon. Today we used the bacon.

Next are the eggs. I have 45 chickens and not all the eggs are sell-able–the ones that are weird looking or too big, are perfectly fine, so I mostly use them for baking or in this case, for the Stackers.

Mix eggs, pepper, little hot sauce or whatever you like. Cook together until done.

Simply add the eggs on top of the bacon, use a slice of cheese if you like and stack it all together.

Wrap separately in waxed paper and some saran wrap.

Throw them in the freezer and take one out when you are in a hurry and pop in the microwave. And, in my sons case, RUN to catch the bus to campus.

This is way cheaper than buying all the time. Plus with eggs from my chickens, bacon from my pig, cheese from my cow, I know it is honest food he is eating.

Get the handy print page and save this to your recipe box here:
Breakfast Stackers.

Astrid blogs at Apple Tree Acres. Find the English translation here.

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  1. 2-1

    They look very tasty and hardy, just what a college boy needs!

    When we had the dairy, I would come back to the house and make us a breakfast sandwich just like yours only with a hamburger bun instead of pancakes.
    We would have breakfast while we milked.

  2. 2-1

    Delicious! And I love the words “honest food”. That’s why I joined this group, and why I read Suzanne’s blog every day.

  3. 2-1

    I’m with you, Anita. Honest to goodness “real” food that if managed well with my level of activity will keep me healthy and still lose weight.

    These could be easily heated up in a toaster oven versus a damaging microwave, but I know they are prohibited in college dorms. In our hurried world, this is really the best option.

    What a good momma!

  4. 2-1

    Well done, Astrid! Had to chuckle at how “we” made the breakfast!! Maybe with just a bit more training he will be doing it by himself? (One can always hope, but either way, what a nice way to have good time with your oldest.) 😉

  5. 2-1

    Neat idea, Astrid! Always looking for quick breakfast ideas. Thanks!

  6. 2-1


    These look wonderful. DD is moving into an apartment this weekend. She teaches middle school kids so her mornings are pretty hectic. I showed her your post. Guess what we’re making before the big move? I know she’ll at least be off to a good start.

  7. 2-1

    Instead of syrup, I actually put maple syrup flavoring in my pancakes. Tastes like a McGriddle, which my son loves soooo much!

  8. 2-1

    What a great idea! I will be sure to make some for the boys!

  9. 2-1

    My! That looks delicious! I am going to make some this weekend and stick them in the freezer for my hubby. For some reason he will almost never fix a reasonable breakfast at home (except on weekends when we make the works) but much prefers to stop for donuts or pastries.

  10. 2-1

    What a great way to take care of your sons health by getting that prepared stuff out of his diet. Health and wallet. I’m sure my husband would love those. I’ll be making them on my next snow day!

  11. 2-1

    That is so cool, I didn’t know you could freeze pre-cooked breakfast food like that. Those will be a huge hit at my house. I’m going to make a batch next Sunday.

  12. 2-1

    Thank you all for your nice replies.
    Amber yes you can freeze very well, so do coldmeat cut sandwiches, burritos, with mustard and or mayo.

    ScreamingSardine, I love that idea of the maple flavoring, going to try that next time.

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