Confectioner’s Sugar

Submitted by: Bonny on May 31, 2010

Making your own confectioner’s sugar can save you if you should happen to run out of it, or can simply save you money if you want to make it all the time. (I use about 50 pounds of it every month making wedding cakes, so for me it wouldn’t be practical.)

HINT: If you use confectioner’s sugar (aka powdered or icing sugar) in place of granulated sugar when whipping heavy cream, add it before you start whipping to sweeten and stabilize the whipped cream.

Servings: infinite   Prep Time: a few minutes   Cook Time: none  


1 cup sugar – granulated, super granulated, or colored
1 tablespoon corn starch

You can double this quantity, but don’t make more than a double batch at a time.


Place the sugar and cornstarch into a blender (or food processor, coffee grinder, mortar and pestal, etc.) and process until you have a powder – hence the name powdered sugar.

The corn starch is needed an an anti caking agent but will not be tasted at all.

The longer you process, the finer it will be. You may have noticed that there are different grades of confectioner’s sugar on the market, varying from XXX to 10X. The higher the number of X’s the finer the sugar. I always use Domino 10X to achieve the finest quality of frostings and pastries possible.

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