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Did you know, when you use the blue salt in bread, with an egg, it turns it slightly green? Not BRILLIANT green, mind you, but juuuuuust enough for me to want to dye our daily bread some funky-monkey colors?

I think this Easter’s egg-scapades have warped my sense of “normal” colored foods.

Whatever. Bring it, Bunny.

I used the blue salt, some dark blue Wilson’s cake dye, and a dash of the Wilson’s violet dye. The violet kept the blue from turning greenish.

IMG_6447 (800x707)

This is so pretty, it makes me wish I had been a hippie with my parents. How much cooler would that have been? Psychedelic even.

How sad is it this is as adventurous as I get?

IMG_6452 (800x592)

Oh well. Like I said, Bring it, Bunny.

…and bring some butter while you are at it, because we are all out.

Someone needs to revoke my food coloring privileges, before my kids start thinking this is normal!

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