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  • I’ve meant to do this for ages, and finally got around to it. Thank you SOOOO much for all your work and research, this was so simple. And as always, the homemade product is so far superior to the store bought […]

  • I’ve been looking for the thing that was going to push me over the edge into buying a pressure canner….and this could well be it. But I have to ask….what do you MAKE with the chicken when it comes time to […]

  • I ran out of storebought candied ginger last week….and have been dreading having to reinvest. This is so perfect! I’m totally trying this as soon as I get to the store.

    Thanks for blazing the trail!

  • Greens are my new obsession. I started getting them in my first CSA share 2 summers ago, and never looked back! Plus my three year old LOVES them (proud mommy, slightly puzzled mommy, but very very proud mommy 😉 ). This sounds a great thing to try. I’ve got collard greens in my crisper right […]

  • Finely chop the shallot in a food processor. It’s OK if it’s not all perfectly chopped at first. You just want to give it a head start. Add all the other ingredients and process until smooth. Adjust with more Tabasco or Worcestershire if necessary Serve with cut veggies, with pieces of pita bread, or as […]

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