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Bev in CA


active 7 years, 6 months ago

  • Thank you for sharing. You stirred up many memories of growing up and having special friends. Having them with us through the years is a blessing. Love the OCR pattern. Your husband is a keeper.

  • Thank you CindyP, homemade is the best! Thank you for such great ideas. I like to include gifts in a jar in my gift baskets. The grandchildren love receiving them, especially a cookie mix. A winter day and […]

  • Thank you for sharing such a beautiful post. Our lives are touched by so much, but family is the cornerstone. I have many things given to me over the years. People who are here and those who have left us. When […]

  • CindyP, have a dear friend who always makes cookies for my DH. This past week she gave us three kinds of cookies, already frozen, to bring home. One was peanut butter cookies. They were in a log. With […]

  • Thank you grouchymama for sharing. Beautiful pics, too. My Nana had chickens and we always had fried chicken. It was Sunday dinner, after church. Preserving was a way of life or you didn’t eat. When I think […]

  • My Mom always made these for dinner as a treat when my dad went on a fishing trip. We called it a French Pancake. It wasn’t thin like a crepe. It looked just like yours. We spead on a little jelly. Folded it […]

  • CindyP, what a great idea. I tend to procrastinate and wait till the last minute. I like your idea of having the cookie dough already shaped and ready to go. I do freeze some cookie dough to have for drop-in company. I usually roll my dough into a log to freeze and then slice and […]

  • Kathi, all four things you listed really means a lot. I have so many things that bring loved ones to mind. Memories are best and also to share. Thank you for a great post.

  • Love Artichokes. My Mom was Italian. She would add some olive oil, about 3 T. and 4 to 5 cloves of peeled garlic to the water. Makes for great flavor and the leaves are shiny. So of course that is my way, too. She also took a knife and cut across the top and got […]

  • Dear Sal, we all have our expertize going through life. As a Nurse you helped many go through hard times. Not all can do that. You made my day and you have inspired many to try. Their first loaf of bread, wow, The smell while baking, the first bite, yum. Will be 70 this year. […]

  • Jennifer, you know we have to ask. Is it a top secret ingredient in your Grandma’s pumpkin pie? Enjoyed meeting you and will check out your recipes.

  • Thank you CindyP. I know what I will be doing today. Yum. Homemade is a top priority. This will go on my list. I have 3 other favorites (of many). Making my own brown sugar, sweetened condensed milk and now cake flour. Thanks to CITR and the Forum. Wonderful.

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