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active 7 years, 4 months ago

  • Hi, I just made this recipe. Couple of things. I only got 4 pints not 7, I used powdered pectin because that was all I had and stirred it into the fruit before boiling and I used all the rhubarb that I had boiled not just a cup. Sooo….we’ll see what happens! LOL. Thanks for […]

  • Kim posted on the forum topic Introduce Yourself! in the group Cheesemaking: 8 years, 3 months ago

    Hi there everyone, New to this whole cheesemaking process but really enjoying it even though I’m not sure my cheeses are coming out right!! I have started using the New England Cheesemaking kits. I have made Fromage Blanc, Creme Fraiche, Queso Blanco, Sour Cream and Yogurt…only problem..with the exception of Queso Blanco, they all taste […]

  • hi suzanne, cooked and cooked and still couldn’t get it to the gel point. didn’t use pectin. canned it anyway. super! it tasted great and does in fact look like jam. i’m a sugar hound and i thought it was sweet but i didn’t let that stop me from learning to apply just the right […]

  • thanks for sharing rachel! i did follow the directions and was worried it was going to be too smushy but it was VERY YUMMY. everyone loved it! i didn’t even know my kids liked rhubarb!

  • Kim became a registered member 8 years, 4 months ago

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