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  • I started making batter bread, so I could get up at o’dark thirty and write/bake. The batter bread appealed to me as there was no kneading. I cannot imagine the mess I’d make at 4 a.m. trying to knead bread. Also, […]

  • Shiela, I make a roasted red pepper soup. After I roast the peppers, I take the stock/onion I’ve been cooking. Hold the plate (well, that’s what I put the peppers on) over the stock pan, use a soup ladle to pour […]

  • I have a good friend who told me she hates traditional sourkraut but she makes her own now and I tried it and I liked it too. However, in making the kraut, mine was dry because the only way I had to press the […]

  • I have an old cookbook (pre 1930 I think?) that talks about how it’s “unhealthy” to eat bread just out of the oven when it’s hot, as that’s when it grows mold! 😀

    It’s an amazing book to read, all the “science” […]

  • One thing Jill Bond talks about how fast your freezer can get food as cold as needed and doing what you can to help it. Her main suggestion is chilling food thoroughly before putting it in the freezer, that is, […]

  • Jill Bond in her Mega Cooking book has some techniques for prepping the food for the freezer as quickly as possible. I’m not sure where my copy is, but if you find one in a bookstore (I got mine last year I […]

  • Sounds great! I’ll have to try this, and soon, my freezer is pretty FULL though right now.


  • I made a jar of salted (nothing else just salt) lemons a while back and didn’t use them, in a LONG time. When I got ready to use them 1)I couldnt’ get the metal lid off the jar and 2)the entire mass of salt had […]

  • What an interesting idea!DH is a maple syrup fan,but I like apples, brown sugar & walnuts in my oatmeal. Haven’t had it for a while, as breakfast is usually made by DH, esp. on weekends, when we had the […]

  • TeaCup commented on the post, Chiffon Pie 7 years, 11 months ago

    Here’s what I found:,1632,159178-247198,00.html
    uses lemon jellow, cr cheese, evap milk, pineapple, lemon juice, van wafter […]

  • I see the Sturbridge Cookbook fairly often (I’m in N New England). My previous landlord has the A Taste of Sturbridge Cookbook. It’s $3 plus postage.

    Bookstore info:
    Homestead Bookshop, Marlboro, […]

  • This is wonderful, thanks! I expect I’ll use this post quite often.

    You do have a typo though in the Cheese Spread, “Stain through a cheesecloth and” it took me quite a while to figure out why my editor kept […]

  • TeaCup commented on the post, Cranberry with a Kick 8 years ago

    If it was me? I’d probably make a dense vanilla cake (like a pound cake without all the eggs) and serve it with whipped cream and the fruit, maybe chocolate shavings or mint? Or perhaps the fruit and a thin […]

  • I like both soups & stews. It depends on what else I’m having? If it’s a meal in a bowl, I prefer a thick soup or stew. If it’s soup & sandwich, a light soup will do. I just posted our default, easy, cheap fall/winter soup (Corn Cheese Soup) and it seems when I “invent” […]

  • Put the oil in a saucepan big enough to hold all the ingredients. Heat the oil on medium, till hot but not smoking. Add the onion. Turn down the heat to low and sauté the onion until translucent and soft. Add the creamed corn. If you didn’t get all the corn out of the cans, […]

  • Thank you! Just pulled the first green tomatoesI have no intention of ripening out of the garden. There’s a bowl full, and before Friday I’ll have a good many more no doubt. (We’re scheduled to get our first hard freeze Fri.) I’ve made green tomato mincemeat, but DH and I only use mincemeat in a […]

  • Thank you all Suzanne, I had looked, but only found the creamed corn with cream here. Sorry I missed it, I wouldn’t have posted the request!

    Thank you both —


  • Anyone make their own cream-style corn, like the stuff you get in the market? One of our TNT easy fix, used to be cheap, recipes is a corn cheese soup, which uses creamed corn as its primary ingredient. I used to be able to feed us both for < $3. Lately however, the corn is […]

  • I just made tomato/herb bread, with fresh herbs AND the dipping herbs as a swirl in the bread. It’s great hot (isn’t all bread?) we’ll see if it is still yummy after it cools down. If it is, I’ll post the recipe, but if it is, a lot of the reason will be Robin’s dipping […]

  • Thanks! Had you made the onions before? Why pressure canned rather than other wise? See…I don’t know anything about canning (obviously)!

    If you made them following my “recipe” do you like them?

    Thanks again–

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