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ML Cauley


active 8 years, 9 months ago

  • This is wonderful! I’m not crazy about the “traditional fruitcakes” either. Blech! But using real fruit is perfect! However, I don’t usually cook with alcoholic stuff, so is there an alternative to that?

  • Such interesting history linking Clabber Girl to Rumford! How neat! I own a few vintage cookbooks (passed down to me from my mother and her mother..), so it’ll be cool to win a vintage cookbook! Count me in!

  • How funny! I know exactly what y’all are talking about! How about “sprinkle”? I only have boys, so one day I said to my oldest,”Oh, just sprinkle that in there.” He raises his eyebrow and a ,”Huh?”. LOL!!!

  • That looks really good. I LOVE muffins. My 2nd son is a “supertaster”, meaning he is very hesitant to try stuff and is not big on veggies and fruit. I’ve tried using veggies and fruit (even if they are cooked and mashed) in muffins (he does love regular muffins), and if he “sees” something (even […]

  • Is it ok to just cut up apples and put them in the blender or food processor instead of cooking and mashing them up?

  • If I had a basement or a really good storage room….. unfortunately I don’t… 8^(

  • I reckon I must not be as old as y’all, though I was born in the psychedelic decade (60’s), for I NEVER had any of that growin’ up, and I was sittin’ there going,”EWWWW!!!” I remember my mother tellin’ me that when she was young, she’d eat a turkey and jelly sandwich. I thought,”Blech!!!” LOL!!!!

  • I agree with commentor #2 about showing the picture of your unique kitchen! I just LOVE how you described it, and would get a better idea of it if there was a picture!!! I think that’s my kind of kitchen…. alas, can’t afford (at least not yet)to buy a little piece of land and build […]

  • I called one of my two grandmothers “Nannie”, and I hope to be called that someday. I only have boys (all 4 of ’em!), so I hope to have a granddaughter in the FAR FUTURE too! You can bet if I ever have a granddaughter or more (grandsons are welcome too – tee hee), that […]

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