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Peggy W


active 8 years, 6 months ago

  • The last thing I chopped was cabbage and carrots for cole slaw. My husband just chopped peanuts so he can eat them without hurting his toothless mouth.

  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Place bread in bottom of large bowl. Pour milk over the top and let bread soak up the milk. Add eggs, onion and seasonings. Mix enough to blend and break up the bread. Add ground chuck and mix all ingredients well. Shape into either a round or oblong loaf. Place […]

  • I sift all the time with an old fashion hand turn sifter. It is so old. I posted a recipe for Mom’s Meat Loaf.

  • I would love to win the cookbook. It would be nice to try a new recipe while it is so cold.

  • I love my pasta maker. I didn’t get the drying rack and raviola maker with mine. You will have fun making pasta. I did find that I can do a better job and it’s faster to mix my dough in the food processor. Just don’t mix it too long or it will be tough.

  • Suzanne you have great prizes. Another item I do not have, but could really use. Love all my new friends also.

  • I agree with Karen….WOW-a kitchen gadget I don’t have! I didn’t comment yesterday, because I have 2 or 3. This I don’t have. Lots of recipes I want to try that were donated to your blog Tuesday.

  • Turn oven on to 325 degrees. Place dates in bowl. Sprinkle baking soda over dates and pour boiling water over dates and soda. Let sit while mixing the cake. In large mixing bowl cream shortening and sugar. Add eggs and stir again. Add flour/baking powder alternately with the date mixture until flour is just mixed. […]

  • I submitted a recipe for Grandma Smith’s DATE NUT CAKE. My Grandmother made this recipe around Christmas time, but I keep a loaf in the freezer for a fast quick dessert that I know my father will love. I also make sure he has this cake for his Birthday. I love those bowls and I […]

  • I have canned most of my life, but some of the items you are giving away I have never seen. This looks like it will be a great site and I love the picture you picked for us to know when you are posting Suzanne. I don’t have any pictures in this computer, so I […]

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