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active 8 years ago

  • Line a colander with coffee filters (or paper towels or cheesecloth) and place plain yogurt in the colander to drain overnight. Remove from colander in the morning and hand roll into balls. Using whatever your […]

  • I made this yesterday. I combined this recipe with one from She or, he on the pickyourown site give the amounts to do this a quart jar at a time. I knew I had approx a 1/4 bushel of peaches but, when all was said and done…. I didn’t have the needed amount for […]

  • Oh and just realized you don’t tell how much water to use. I saw a similar recipe and it calls for 5 1/4 cups of either water or, peach juice.

  • I was wondering about the BWB timing.
    In the top line where you tell of serving, prep time and cook time, you list BWB as 20 minutes. But, last line in recipe you say 30 minutes. Which is correct?

  • Thanks Rileysmom for the update. I went to the site for the recipes but, couldn’t find the roll up recipe. Could you tell me the name of the recipe or, give me the page link? Thanks. Phyllis Simcha, I didn’t boil the eggplant, I only steamed them for a couple of minutes. I was told […]

  • Thanks for the information Simcha. And, wow that must have been a lot of work and must have kept you busy. I ended up steam blanching the sliced and peeled eggplant for 3 minutes and then dehydrating them in the Excalibur I have. I never knew nor, thought they could be dried until someone on […]

  • rephiddy commented on the post, Caponata 9 years, 2 months ago

    Oh this looks good and I have all the ingredients in my cupboard or, frig.
    Wish though it used more eggplant as the plants are producing loads.
    Thanks Dede… you’re a peach.
    Will try this when the weather cools off tonight.


  • Thanks Riley’ Mom.
    That will be terrific.
    The plants are still bearing prolifically.
    I am sure to have more on hand next week… sigh.


  • Hi one and all. I am looking for ways to use the eggplant I grew this year. We have had all the common dishes you find all over the internet. But what I am really looking for is a way to preserve to use this winter. Any thoughts? Can it be pressure canned or BWB […]

  • Dede, Just wanted to come and post that I made the pickles and used the splenda instead of the sugar. Oh man, oh man….are they ever good! :<) I eat them every time I open the frig to get something out. I know that's bad but, it's good cause they are made with the splenda, […]

  • You know that’s exactly what I thought you would say.
    I am on the C2 yahoo group.
    (You might recognize me as Rephiddy or, Phyllis ON, Canada)
    I know exactly who you are talking of.

    I will run this recipe by her.
    Thanks for being so quick with your answer.

    ON, Canada

  • Yup I sure will Dede. Going to try them today if there’s enough of the last cukes in the garden to do a batch. Phyllis PS Would you happen to know….is the conversion/switch using Whey Low the same as with Splenda for sugar? Just wondering as I have some Whey Low arriving soon and I […]

  • Thanks Dede… you are super.


  • Using the splenda is it 1:1 switch?


  • rephiddy and are now friends 9 years, 3 months ago

  • I just pulled the last jar of pickled watermelon rind off the shelves. I was looking for a recipe since I couldn’t find the one I used last year. And, when I opened the recipes for canning…. here this was the first one on the page. Going to the store for some watermelon just as […]

  • Hi Dede, I am here to add my thanks for your original post (on C2) of this recipe. It’s absolutely outstanding. The first year I was trying my hand at doing some canning with the WBC, I wanted to try something a little different than just cucumber pickles,jams and jellies and the pickled beets I […]

  • Combine strawberries, watermelon chunks, lime juice, water, and sugar in blender. Blend 20 seconds, pressing down with wooden spoon as needed. Pour mixture through fine-mesh strainer, pressing with spatula, to remove seeds. Rinse blender, then pour strained liquid back into blender with liqueur. Blend another 20 seconds. Pour into molds and freeze 4 hours or […]

  • rephiddy and are now friends 9 years, 4 months ago

  • How do you resize a photo? Ran into that problem just the other day. I was trying to post a picture to a recipe from here I had made. The angel in the guise of Cindy P came to my rescue and posted the picture for me. Do you need a special program to resize […]

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