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active 7 years, 9 months ago

  • Enjoyed your article about tomatoes I only grow heirloom tomatoes now and have bgun to save their seed.

  • Thanks for sharing Your Thanksgiving Day dinner sounds delious. We too have a huge garden and grow about all our vegetables

  • rosemary+++ posted a new activity comment 8 years, 11 months ago

    Agree time flies when one is having a life There is never time enough to do everything. If I am not out of bed by 5:30 a.m. I feel like the day is half gone

    In reply to - Patrice posted an update I’m not ready for Christmas yet. Yikes! It’s coming so fast. They say time flies when your having fun. I think it flies when you’re having a life! · View
  • Thanks for sharing your receipe I shall pass it onto my daughter in law who makes the fudge in the family

  • For me it is a matter of personal pride to raise and dry many of the herbs that I use such as basil thyme etc. Love those old cookbooks I have two cookbooks that list the use for different herbs in cooking.

  • I also buy my yeast in bulk and keep it in the refrigator Also the place where I buy the yeast also keeps the yeast in a cooler. I let my yeast set in liquid for about 10 minutes before I add flour etc.

  • I use white wheat

  • rosemary+++ commented on the post, A Kitchen Memory 9 years ago

    I too remember my Mother using a wringer washing machine and also boiling her white clothes and stiring the clothes with a wooden stick. You also brought back to my mind was my Mother drying curtains on a wooden frame with nails?? sticking from it. Thanks for the memories. P.S. I have her old boiler […]

  • Pour 1 qt. sour milk heated to lukewarm into a cheesecloth bag. Pour 1 qt. warm water over this and after this has drained through, repeat twice. Tie bag and let drip until the whey is drained through.

  • Mmm How did you know that I am having garden chowder tonight. It is a soup that even my husband likes. Could it be the shredded cheddar cheese that is added at the last minute the big attraction for him. Thanks for sharing. My recipe of Garden Chowder is very similiar to the recipe that […]

  • Enjoyed your article about potting herbs. I live in zone 5 and my rosemary is brought into the house for the winter To keep it through the winter I keep it in a cool room and mist it almost daily. Something that I am enjoying this year is basil. I took cutting from my outdoor […]

  • Cut up into bowl 1-2 tomatoes; sprinkle with sugar. Add a sliced onion and let sit for few minutes in refrigerator. Then add a couple spoonfuls of salad dressing (i.e. Miracle Whip) and mix well without mashing the tomatoes. When ready to serve, add lettuce and toss well.

  • I enjoyed your poem No longer do I can two bushel of tomatoes or anything a day Half a bushel per day is my limit.

  • I have heard of ground cherries but never chichiquelites. I shall have to try and see if I can grow them. I do have young blueberry bushes and we got a handful of blueberries from them after just planting them last year.

  • rosemary+++ posted a new activity comment 9 years, 3 months ago

    Wow I never made ig jelly I do like figs dried and will eat them when I can find them.
    I just finished making red raspberry jam I just use suagar and fruit I have tried using pectin many times but I do not have any luck with it.

    In reply to - Eve posted an update Yeah, just finished my fig jelly. I of course read directions, then read others ideas and trials and errorsand here is what I did. I made fig juice, added the sugar, lemon and pectin , I have […] · View
  • oops I just made a peach pie I shall try the cobble when we finish the pie

  • rosemary+++ and are now friends 9 years, 3 months ago

  • Your cake looks delicious I shall try it in the near future I do have a question When you use flavored coffee such as hazelnut. Does the cake taste like hazelnut? I have never baked with flavor coffee. Also is the coffee hot or cold?

  • I do the same thing We too live in the country and sometimes can be snowed in for several days We have wood stove so we can have heat in case the electricy goes outs and I have candles and kersone lamp as well.
    Your post was very interesting

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