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  • That is so inspiring to read your post. I cannot imagine what it must be like to live so far from all the conveniences that we take for granted every day. I wish you the best of luck on filling your canning […]

  • Hey Billie, That’s a great tip about Sams. I shop there a lot and never knew that. Next time I go I’ll be loaded with extra buying power info! Thanks!

  • How wonderful that at least you know it is cared for by somebody. Wouldn’t it be crazy happy if you could somehow acquire it back someday? It just seems such an important part of your family history. Stranger […]

  • What a wonderful story full of memories! Do you know where the stove is now or what happened to it?

  • I know this recipe is a winner because it is so similar to my mother’s potato soup recipe. When you are looking for comfort food this has to fit the bill – right up there at the top. Food for the soul! Thanks for sharing!

  • Finally, after many years of looking for this recipe of pickled watermelon rinds it pops up! Here’s the story. For 12 years my husband and I participated in Civil War reenacting. Every summer a group of us would make a trip to Gettysburg to walk the battlefields and take in the rich history of the […]

  • Posted my “secret” recipe for cinnamon twists. This recipe has been a 4 generation favorite in my family. I think it is time to share with the outside world! I have been surfing the new Farm Bell Recipes and I love how easy it is to navigate and how well organized it is. Great addition!

  • Scald milk. Add oil, sugar and salt to milk. Let cool to lukewarm. Add beaten eggs. Dissolve yeast in water and add to egg mixture. Add flour; mix thoroughly. Kneed til smooth. Put in greased bowl turning to grease both bottom and top. Let raise til double in bulk. Punch down. Cover and place in […]

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