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Mix-in-the-Pan Pie Crust

Submitted by: chubbybunny on May 25, 2010
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Mix-in-the-Pan Pie Crust

Why would you want to bother cutting in shortening, rolling out and getting your rolling pan, counter, and fingers messy? This makes a very tender crust. It can be used for a one-crust filled pie, a pre-baked crust, or even for a two-crust pie.

Difficulty: Easy

Servings: 6 - 8

Prep Time: 5 minutes   Cook Time: minimum of 12 minutes up to what a recipe specifies  


For an 8 1/2 or 9 inch pie plate:
1 1/2 cups flour (you can use half all-purpose with half whole grain)
2 teaspoons granulated or confectioners sugar, or honey (if using honey add with the wet ingredients)
1/2 teaspoon salt

1/2 cup oil or soft butter
2 – 3 tablespoons cold milk (start with 2 and add more if too dry)

For a 10″ pie plate:
2 cups flour
2 1/2 teaspoons sugar
2/3 teaspoon salt
2/3 cup oil
3+ tablespoons cold milk

If I’m making a savory quiche I leave out the sugar. I can make 1 1/2 of this recipe as a base for a baked kutchen, or other type pastry, in a 9X13 inch cake pan.

I have also doubled this recipe and rolled it out between 2 layers of plastic wrap (with no flour). Remove the top layer of plastic, and flip the crust into the pie plate. Carefully press into the plate, and then remove the top layer. Repeat for the top crust, seal, and flute. This makes a very thin crust for a 2 crust pie, which saves a lot of calories.


In a pie plate, place the flour, sweetener, and salt and combine well with a fork. Add the fat and milk, and continue to combine until you can pick it up and form into a ball. Do not knead. Flatten the ball, in the bottom of the pie plate, and press outward to fill the pie plate. You can flute the top edge of the crust with three fingers, as you would with a rolled pie crust.

For a filled pie crust, fill and bake as per your recipe time and temperature.

For a pre-baked crust, prick well with a fork and bake at 400-degrees for 12 – 15 minutes. Check it as it bakes and pop any bubbles that form with the tines of the fork, and press flat with the fork. Keep an eye that it doesn’t get too brown. Let cool and fill with a cool filling.

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  1. 9-27

    Very good crust. I used this for the applebutter pumpkin pie base. My family loved it.

  2. 3-18

    I just want to say I LOVE this pie crust… I first used it for my tomato pie last summer, then thought I’d try it for my pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. Worked great. I’ve also used it for an italian rice pie and a quiche with no problems. Will be making a peach custard pie this week. I’ve always been scared of pies because of the whole crust thing, but now am searching out pie recipes!

    What’s funny, is I had tried Christy’s (Southern Plate) recipe and it was just an oily wet lump. Twice! Yet the only difference between her recipe and yours was the salt and sugar measurements. The only thing I can figure is I use half oil and half soft butter when I make yours…. maybe my oil is oily-er. 🙂

    Anyways. Love it. Thanks for posting.

    • 3-25

      I’m glad you liked my recipe. It’s so easy to make. I make a Peach Kuchen for a big dinner I cater every year, and I make 1 1/2 batches as a base in a 9X13 pan.

      Have you tried my Mix-in-the-Pan Cake? It’s the best cake I’ve ever made, and so quick and easy. It’s in the oven in a couple of minutes, and only a fork and a couple of measuring cups to wash.

  3. 10-11

    I love you! I also love pie. I think too much of down home from scratch cooking to buy pre-made pie crusts. The old Ladies at church back home would have a cow. I have used Suzanne’s Fool proof pie crust with some success, but I am really excited about making a crust right in the pie plate. Less muss less fuss. Headed to make a lemon pie now, I’ll post results later.

  4. 10-11

    opps sorry in my excitement I forgot to sign the above post.


  5. 10-13

    OMGoodnes! Yum.
    Thank you!!!!

    Success 😉


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