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My New Italian Kitchen

Submitted by: suzanne-mcminn on May 18, 2010
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My New Italian Kitchen

Look what my cousin brought me! A pasta maker, a pasta drying rack, and a ravioli maker–all new–and all for a total of $25 from the local thrift store. I am so excited!


The pasta maker is new in the box, never opened.

It looks shiny and slightly …




Look what my cousin brought me! A pasta maker, a pasta drying rack, and a ravioli maker–all new–and all for a total of $25 from the local thrift store. I am so excited!

The pasta maker is new in the box, never opened.

It looks shiny and slightly mysterious.

I have no idea how to use it, but luckily the instructions and recipes aren’t all in Italian.

I took Italian one year in college. I’m not sure why. I’d always taken French before. I liked Italian, and it’s very similar to French so it was easy, but I didn’t have time in my class schedule to keep it up for no good reason so I quit. The recipe book makes me want to learn Italian again, but I think I’d better stick with pasta.

The drying rack is really cool and also never used.

I think it would be good for drying candle tapers, too!

I’d never even heard of a ravioli maker before.

I might actually try the ravioli maker out first because it looks easier than the pasta machine.

And I have so much cream cheese these days–I can almost taste cheese and herb ravioli already.

The ravioli maker is also brand new, never used. I always wonder about things like this that come from thrift stores. Some kindly, misguided man went out one day to a big department store and bought this whole Italian kitchen for his beloved. He wrapped it beautifully and gave it to her for Christmas. He knew she’d want an Italian kitchen set, not a diamond necklace!

Then she unwrapped her presents and hit him over the head with the pasta maker (which is kinda heavy).

She dropped off her “Italian kitchen” at the thrift store on her way to the funeral and now it’s mine.

The End!

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  1. 5-18

    Ohhh, what a great find! I have made homemade pasta a few times, but did it without the ‘proper tools’. I can hardly wait to see what drooling dishes you will make!


  2. 5-18

    You are so lucky!!
    I would love to have a pasta maker like that. My Dad use to have an older one that was similar. It was really easy to get THIN noodles without all the work. But it has gotten lost in all the shuffles.
    I’ve never seen a drying rack like that. Does it sit on the floor? You could get quite a batch of noodles on there. There is nothing like homemade noodles. You can’t beat them.
    Have fun!!

  3. 5-18

    GREAT FIND!!! The pasta machine is fun to use! Especially when you put the dough through the cutter and voila! NOODLES! I don’t dry mine…. I’m using my drying rack in the craft room 😉

  4. 5-18

    What an exciting surprise! You surely have some kind, thoughtful men in your life. I bet they find you fascinating.

  5. 5-18

    OR the MIL of someone that doesnt even like to cook gifted them with a pasta maker for Christmass.

  6. 5-18

    I use my pasta maker when I get in the mood for homemade pot pie. It works really well. Good way to roll a consistent thickness of dough.

  7. 5-18

    I love my pasta maker. I didn’t get the drying rack and raviola maker with mine. You will have fun making pasta. I did find that I can do a better job and it’s faster to mix my dough in the food processor. Just don’t mix it too long or it will be tough.

  8. 5-18

    Wasn’t it your cousin that found that antique flour thingy for you too? What a cousin! What great finds!

    • 5-18

      The antique flour sifter post was by CindyP! But I wish he’d find me one of those!

  9. 5-18

    very nice…I will be anxiously waiting to hear how you like this gadget – I’ve been wanting one for quite a while, but figure my 50-year-old metabolism would balk even more than usual..

  10. 5-18

    So cool, i got just the pasta maker at a second hand store here. i love mine, i make wheat crackers with it too. They are thin and turn out so crisp. Have fun!

  11. 5-18

    We grew up eating homemade noodles. My mom and dad both make them. They used to dry them by draping them all over the backs of dining room chairs. I would love a pasta maker. I dehydrated some fresh spinach and them ground it up into powder to make spinach noodles, haven’t had the time to make the noodles yet though. Great find at a thrift store.

  12. 5-18

    Oh my goodness – I laughed so hard at your envisoned story – that is so funny. In any case whatever the story was you got one great deal. I’ve always wanted a pasta maker – a live one that cooks my dinner every night. By the way, how is the milking going with your neighbor that was going to milk a few times a week?

  13. 5-18

    Perfect story! My frugal hubby would be the one finding it at the thrift store and cackling over the sweet bargain … he knows I enjoy playing with recipes in the kitchen. I know he enjoys my results in the kitchen.

    Oh wait, isn’t that where your story started …? Eh, my hubby wouldn’t be inconsiderate to gift kitchen things on an anniversary. Maybe. I hope.

  14. 5-18

    I love this blog! I always find something new – like the idea of using a pasta machine to make crackers. What an excellent idea. I’m going to try it tonight.

    Susan W.

  15. 5-18

    mmmm….homemade crackers….

  16. 5-18

    I would love to have that ravioli maker!!! I have the pasta machine, it clips to the edge of my table. I can make wonderful pasta using it.

    Boy do I feel stupid! I sent a frantic PM to CindyP telling her how I could not post comments to this post. I tried everything I knew but it kept saying I had the wrong password. Well…..I did have the wrong password! I used the one for the regular forum not the Farm Bell password. I don’t know why I didn’t use the SAME password! hahahahaha I’ll remember from now on I bet!

  17. 5-19

    I’ve had a pasta machine for … let’s see … almost 35 years, and I still love it! All you need are eggs and flour plus a strong arm (or volunteer strong arm/arms, eg kids) to crank the machine. Homemade noodles are WAY EASIER than homemade raviolis. Mostly, I made them and cooked them right away, but sometimes when the chickens were laying really well I would dry extra batches and store them for winter. After you taste homemade egg noodles, you’ll never ever eat store-bought again. ENJOY, Suzanne!

  18. 5-19

    I just bought the same pasta maker from ebay!
    Can’t wait to try it.

    Please post recipes for the homemade crackers (if you haven’t already) and if anyone has whole wheat pasta recipes!?!??!…..
    I grind my own flour, use my fresh chicken eggs, now just need to perfect the pasta part! YUM!


  19. 5-19

    Took me years to teach my hubby that ” No, really, those ARE the kinds of presents I like.” Now I’m happy ’cause he buys the stuff I like and he’s happy ’cause he can get it at the thrift store cheap.

  20. 5-20

    You will love all of this equpment. The pasta machine is very easy to use. Just remember to divide your dough into several pieces,keep unused covered with a damp cloth, flatten your pasta dough like a small pancake and always start on #1 on the dial. Roll it through a couple of times on #1. Dust the dough with flour on both sides so it doesn’t stick as it passes through each time. I usually stop on #4 for the thickness that we like, but you may like it thinner. (Just not too thin, or it will break and you will lose your filling in the boiling water. Don’t make it thin enough to see your hand through when you hold it up.) I use the ravioli form all the time. Just make your sheets of pasta in the pasta machine – thickness usually #4, place a sheet of pasta on the form, make sure you have a 2 inch overhang on both ends and the sides, fill each indent with your choice of filling, make another sheet of pasta, use small pastry brush, dampen the dough around the indents, place on second sheet and use a rolling pin to press out the dough and seal the pasta. After you do it one time, you will love it. My niece and I do about 60 dozen at Christmas time. Different fillings of meat and cheese for the ravioli and pierogie fillings. Freeze some, fast freeze on cookie sheets, put in freezer bags, give some away for gifts, and cook the rest. My pasta machine, same brand as yours, was alone $30 – 15 yrs. ago, so you have received a beautiful gift. P.S. You can also purchase a small motor that attaches to the machine, makes it go faster, but we haven’t done that, it’s just fun to do it with someone you love. Can’t wait to hear about your ravioli making. Best wishes.

  21. 5-20

    What a great find, and I think husband/gift idea was most likely what happened.

  22. 6-25

    How did I miss this post?! I remember some time ago, you had recipes for ricotta and mozzarella cheeses. And I now that you canned a boatload of tomatoes for sauce–have you had a chance to use it and have fresh Homemade pasta???? UMMMMMmm!!!

  23. 2-3

    LOL thats too funny

  24. 2-10

    So neat that you got the whole package… my girlfriends and I gather every few weeks and do a cook-a-thon.. last summer one of the gals brought her gramma’s pasta maker. I had to have one. I went to ebay and bid on 5 before I could finally win the one I have. I absolutely love it. I have a ravioli maker that I found thrifting 30 yrs ago. You are going to have so much fun experimenting with different fillings.(One of our favorites is sauteed spinach w/lots of garlic and portobella mushrooms with ricotta.) Now when us gals get together we have two pasta makers going and the ravioli maker. 🙂 .. I love using the pasta maker too for making extra wide noodles for lasagne..have fun!!

  25. 3-31

    If you are interested in selling the pasta maker i would be interested. i make homemade raviolis and this is what i am looking for to make a real good short cut to rolling out the dough.
    Let me know,

  26. 2-20

    I have that exact same pasta maker! It’s marvelous! I love that you can adjust the thickness by turning a couple of knobs. Enjoy!

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