Oh, No! Beans!

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In a December post, Jim in Colorado shared a recipe for An Unusual Fudge. He also shared the poetry of Beans, beans, the magical fruit… I always thought it was Beans, beans, a work of art. The more you eat the more you… The more you need to read this post!

We keep reading and hearing that our American diets need more fiber. There are a variety of health reasons that support the consumption of beans, but for some, the abdominal discomfort and bad side effects make them something to be avoided. Beans cause discomfort due to two complex sugars that are difficult for the body to break down. After watching others eat chili and wishing I could enjoy the dish too, I learned that beans don’t have to have to cause problems.

According to ‘Nourishing Traditions’ by Sally Fallon, traditional societies knew how to prepare beans so they would be more nutritious and cause less digestive discomfort. It’s necessary to neutralize phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors as well as break down those complex sugars that cause that little problem. Shh! Yes, that problem. Beans must not only be soaked to accomplish this, but they must be soaked with an acidic medium such as whey or lemon juice. This can only be done with dried beans.

To properly soak beans:

Use 1 Tablespoon of whey (from draining yogurt) or lemon juice for each cup of dried beans. Place beans in a large pot and cover them with water (preferably filtered). Stir in the whey or lemon juice and soak them in a warm place (not over direct heat) for 12-24 hours.

Then you must drain the beans, rinse them and cover them with water. As they come to boil, you must skim the foam off the top. Many of you who can, should be used to the idea that skimming removes impurities. The beans are then simmered for 4-8 hours. I have found a crock pot is ideal for this after they come to boil. It’s very hard to bring the crock pot to boil in the beginning stages of cooking the beans. More water may be needed as they cook.

Get the handy print page and save this to your recipe box here:
To Soak Beans.

I have been soaking beans this way for several years and we can enjoy delicious chili without the bad side effects. Try it! It works.

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