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Pressure Cookery: Rice

Submitted by: cindyp on February 17, 2011
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Pressure Cookery:  Rice

Suzanne got a pressure cooker for Christmas–a nice shiny new Presto. Then she talked about it.


I had to pull mine out and learn how to use it. Mine isn’t nice shiny and new. Mine is a 1947 Presto Meatmaster Cooker–an oldie, but a …




Suzanne got a pressure cooker for Christmas–a nice shiny new Presto. Then she talked about it.

I had to pull mine out and learn how to use it. Mine isn’t nice shiny and new. Mine is a 1947 Presto Meatmaster Cooker–an oldie, but a goodie.

Mom found it at a yard sale years ago, only it was missing the pressure regulator. My sister and I finally remembered at Christmastime to look through all of hers to find one to fit.

And I’ve been learning and loving my “newest” gadget. I am totally in love with this pressure cooker. John is too–after staying on the other side of the kitchen the first night I used it to stay safe. He saw it didn’t explode and the food was wonderful. He uses it more than I do now!

Obviously, I don’t have a booklet that came with my pressure cooker-it’s a model year 1947! I turned to Mom’s 1947 Encyclopedic Cookbook.

I’ve finally found the secret to Mom’s Sunday Fried Chicken–pressure cook the chicken first, it does make all the difference with juiciness, flavor and time–I just never believed her.

That tough venison hind quarter? After 15 minutes in the pressure cooker, it’s fork tender and mmm…mmm delicious.

I love brown rice in it best. 13 minutes! Yes, 13 minutes and original brown rice is done!

How to make Pressure Cooked Rice:

1947 Culinary Arts Institute Encyclopedic Cookbook

1 cup rice (white or brown)
1 1/4 cups water
1/2 teaspoon salt

Wash rice between the palms of your hands many times until the water loses all starchy appearance. Place rice in cooker.

Add water and salt. I used chicken broth.

Cook 10 minutes. My pressure regulator pops up, I start timing at this time.

After cooking time is up and cooker is cooled off in regular manner (mine takes 10 minutes), remove indicator and place cooker back on flame for 3 to 4 minutes. This will thoroughly dry out rice.

Never fill cooker more than 2/3 full of water and rice.

I added some home-canned chicken and green beans and had a one-pot meal. From start to table, I had Brown Rice and Chicken on the table in 30 minutes.

I cannot believe it took me seeing Suzanne get one to finally get mine out. This is almost like fast-food — home-cooked fast-food!

Get the handy print page and save this to your recipe box here:
Pressure Cooked Rice.

Cindy blogs at Chippewa Creek ~ Our Life Simplified.

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  1. 2-17

    Looks positively good enough to eat! Yum!!

  2. 2-17

    Cindy P., my neighbor just gave me a cook’s Essentials Pressure Cooker her husband bought at a garage sale. I had to really look to see if it had been used. Well, maybe once, I have to get busy using it. I have the book and all with it. Lovely friendship gift that I will treasure and be reminded of her always.
    I had a friend in California who made fried chicken in the pressure cooker. Wouldn’t do it any other way. It was always delicous.

  3. 2-17

    Looking forward to that post on the fried chicken!

  4. 2-17

    Is your photo of the strainer in the pot shown just for the washing of the rice? Do you cook your rice directly in the pot? My pressure cooker says to put it in a bowl inside the cooker and so I have never tried rice in it. I do use it for beans all the time.

  5. 2-17

    I must say, Suzanne is quite the motivator for me, too! When I see her do something ‘neat’, I want to try it too…actually, Cindy, that includes YOUR posts as well!
    Sometimes I can’t always get around to it when I want to but…eventually. (Yes, I still have all the supplies to make your fudge and I WILL get around to it!)
    My mother gave me a pressure cooker soon after I first got married and I LOVE it! It makes the best rice pudding!

  6. 2-17

    Kenya Cook — Yes the strainer was just from washing it. I did do quite a bit of online research for cooking rice (before I thought to look in that cookbook)…some of them said to cook in a bowl and some didn’t. I haven’t figured out the need for it. Maybe it sticks to some pressure cookers? This one if VERY heavy…I didn’t have any problems with it sticking. I will try the bowl next and see what it does!

  7. 2-17

    I have been cooking with my pressure cooker alot since Christmas. So far our favorites are Rice Pudding, Pork lion with gravy made from Coke and vanilla cheesecake. I’m having fun trying new foods. My boys are having fun eating!

  8. 2-17

    I love pressure cookers…this may help you find a manual, if your interested. I think I found your pressure cooker here.
    Your manual here

  9. 2-18

    Trish, would you give instruction and recipe for the cheesecake? Thank you. L

  10. 2-18

    I have my mother’s pressure cooker which she bought in 1945, complete with the instruction booklet. She bought it at Montgomery Ward and used it all that time. When she passed away we inherited it and use it frequently. Thw gasket has been replaced a couple times but there are no problems with it. Good grief, that thing is over 60 years old and still going strong.

  11. 2-19

    Here’s one version of the cheesecake that we like. It’s from Lorna Sass’s Cooking Under Pressure Book.

    Cheesecake in a Pressure Cooker

  12. 2-19

    Oh my goodness. Cheesecake. In a pressure cooker!
    Must buy cream cheese; Have everything else. O Trish I will worship at your feet for this one.

  13. 2-20

    Euni Moore, Make your own Neufchatel cheese and you don’t have to buy cream cheese. It is an easy cheese and wonderful to use in place of cream cheese. Works Great.

    Thank you Trish for the recipe, I have to make Neufchatel so I can mame some for BO,cherry cheesecake in is his favorite

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