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MSG free substitute for bouillon or granules used in cooking

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any MSG free recipes and substitutes for bouillon used to make my own, as the homemade recipes all contain flavored granules or bouillon which contain MSG

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Does anyone have a recipe for marshmallows?

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Fuitcake Cookies


My MIL made the only thing I actually liked using the old fashioned citron fruit mix – a very soft cookie. Not a bar, just a regular cookie. Not particularly spicy, and more sponge cake like than a normal cookie.

For some reason, the citron tasted good in this particular cookie. Other than in this cookie, it always tastes, well, shall we just say less than appealing?

Not certain if I ever had the recipe, but if so, it is hiding somewhere. It’s little late for holiday baking, or at least to be asking, but does anyone have a cookie recipe that sounds anything like this?


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Sweet Pickled Crab Apples


When I was a kid, my aunt used to can crab apples that I loved. Never thought to ask her for the recipe when she was alive, but a friend has a crab apple tree so loaded with crab apples, that some of the branches are touching the ground. When she told me that I thought of those delicious crab apples I used to inhale years ago.

The canning liquid, as I remember, was a deep pinkish color, spicy and sweet, and the apples had split skins and had a dark brown color through and through. I would love to try and duplicate them, but don’t know where to start. Canning is not my forte.

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cake with apricot halves

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Lost older recipe for quick coffeecake made with canned apricot halves using one cake pan. Remember it as very easy and you place the apricot halves evenly on the surface of the batter. As it cooks they sink slightly. No topping on itbut cake is moist and poundcake-like. Might have used juice from the apricot halves in the batter?

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Skillet Tamale Pie


I am searching for a lost recipe that was included with a Citizen’s Utility bill over 30 years ago, in California.

It was unique because it was topped with shredded cheese instead of corn bread, and corn meal was stirred into the filling. It was made in an electric skillet and was the BEST Tamale Pie I’ve ever eaten. I’m not sure how to adjust the liquid in the filling to off set the corn meal.

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Cheesecake, please!


Many years ago I made a wonderful cheesecake, but have lost the recipe. The filling on many other recipes is as good, but the crust and topping is what made this cheesecake special.

Anyone have a cheesecake recipe with a crust that is almost shortbread? The bottom is blind baked, then cooled. The side of the pan is then added with more crust dough, then the filling. The topping is a sour cream mixture and is added for the last 20 or 30 (?) minutes of baking. The sour cream mixture probably had an egg and sugar added to it. It added just a nice little extra something to the cake.

Every few years I look for the recipe, but have not found it so far.

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Old Campbells Soup Can Recipe for Beef Chowder


Anyone besides me remember a recipe from the Campbell’s Soup can (I’m pretty sure it was on the potato soup can, since that was a primary ingredient in this chowder) for “Beef and Tomato Chowder”? At least, in my memory that’s what it was called. Mama made it using leftover roast beef for Sunday “supper” during the winter. To the best of my recollection, it started with 2 cans of potato soup, and 2 cups of chopped up leftover cooked beef… I am sure it had canned tomatoes but they must have been drained before cutting them up because it retained much of the “white chowder” appearance, and I think it had green bell pepper and maybe onion??? It was devine – we would absolutely lick the pan it was made in, even if my brother (very aptly) called it “dog barf chowder”…

Anyone got something like this in your vault???
Thanks in advance!
Bobbie in Cut-N-Shoot, TX

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