Home Roasted Coffee with Hot Air Popper

Submitted by: Granma2girls on December 22, 2010

This is a fun and simple way to enjoy coffee roasting. There are other websites that actually show how to roast coffee with a pot and doing all the stirring. But being somewhat lazy and couldn’t think how to do this kind of roasting with no kitchen stove vent. Then I came across how to do it with a hot air popper. You can get the popper for very little at thrift stores. I’ve seen them for 2 bucks. Someone gave me mine. It was brand new and just the right kind. You have to have the one with the vents that run around the side of the popper’s cup, not on the bottom. Otherwise, the chaff will fall through and start a fire.
I started doing this because I really enjoy a good cup of coffee. I used to buy Starbucks roasted coffee and then grind it for my french press. But it is really costly and by the end of the 3 weeks it was getting stale tasting. When you pay $9 for half a pound, to pay $6 for a whole pound is very reasonable. I have never burned any coffee using this method. Just enjoyed great coffee!

Servings: 8 mugs      Cook Time: 6-9 min.  


green coffee beans
hot air popper with vents around the side of the cup, not on the bottom.
metal colander
storage container


Place 1/3 cup of green coffee beans into the hot air popper. Put top back on and turn on/plug in hot air popper. Depending on preference of roast, and whether its a bean that is best dark or medium roasted, roast from 6-9 min. If it gets really dark, almost black, it will start smoking. The beans will be glossy from the oils in the bean. Some people really enjoy coffee with the dark roast. Otherwise, you want it at least the color of milk chocolate and the chaff (skins of the bean have “cracked” and come off the bean) will be evident. With the popper going, a lot of the chaff will end up on your garage floor. I’ve gotten to the point, where I know that 8 min. is just the right time for me. I set my timer and leave the garage for that time. The first time I did this in my house, I set off all the alarms and it wasn’t that smoky. So I do this in the garage now. I have the metal colander handy and dump the beans in there when time is up. I always do a second batch. I then put them into a canning jar with the lid off for several hours, to let the carbon monoxide escape, and the flavor deepen. Then put the lid on and enjoy!

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