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Rockin’ in the Kitchen

Submitted by: moopseemort on September 10, 2010
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Rockin' in the Kitchen

“I wear my sunglasses at night…” plays in the background as I work at cutting up and cleaning tomatoes. My kids tease me at first, but they pretty soon get used to my “old” music. Time goes much faster. Soon Josh Groban and Allison Krauss also have played. At the …




“I wear my sunglasses at night…” plays in the background as I work at cutting up and cleaning tomatoes. My kids tease me at first, but they pretty soon get used to my “old” music. Time goes much faster. Soon Josh Groban and Allison Krauss also have played. At the end while waiting for the canner time to finish up, Roy Orbison’s Greatest Hits rolls on.

Music and my kitchen seem to be best friends. I must hear music, it seems, when I have a long kitchen time ahead of me. To me, cooking and music is just as butter to bread. I don’t know why I find myself cooking with music on much of the time, but it makes the work I do so much more enjoyable. Don’t get me wrong; I love music. But perhaps it is like the fancy restaurants that have harps or classical music in the background. It seems to be an integral union. There are times that I reflect on those in my history that also canned and put up lots of food. Those are times when Yo-Yo Ma and Allison Krause’s “Simple Gifts” brings me to tears. The spirit of our history has brought me the privilege to get to have enough food to eat and enough food to can.

Okay, I do admit, dancing and singing do seem to also go along with the kitchen as well. Eagerly teasing me at those times are my children, but they know not to tease much, or they will have a knife in their hand or dough to knead! Then they have to see me up close and hear me in 3D while they are my “forced labor.” These are times when the kids claim “child abuse” for having to listen to me.

I’ve been making salsa lately and that required music that I knew very well. I wonder sometimes if music isn’t partially the spice in my cooking. Why? Well, I love to add a touch of this seasoning or a bit of that item when I do cooking. I don’t know why, but I struggle to follow most recipes. One could say that I like to improvise and jazz it up a bit. More garlic? Less salt? Salsa in with the refrieds? Vanilla added to the pancakes?

Music brings a lot of joy to me and it is dear company in the kitchen on days when I am tired and dragging yet have much work ahead of me (like the bushel of peppers that are staring at me right now). Everything from high school to now is fair game to bring up my spirits into the energy needed to take care of my gardening and kitchen work. “Blueberry Hill, “Come Go with Me,” and “Looks Like We Made it” all fit into my time in the kitchen. This morning I’m packing food up for a hike — and I’m super tired. I need some music….

Note: Of course, I don’t do my music too loud. My too many years of training in Audiology and having been a specialist in noise management…well, I’d feel mighty guilty knowing I’d be damaging permanently my hearing or my kids.

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  1. 9-10

    You’re playing my tune here Moopsie! At home, the girls and I have music in the kitchen when we work together.Two of my daughters are serious music students, so all kinds of music live in our home. I have quiet at work, but once had the opportunity to work with another chef and a helper who just about danced while working. It was such fun. The noise level was enough outside of the kitchen that they couldn’t hear us having fun while cooking!

  2. 9-10


    My kids whine and complain all the time when I’m in the kitchen singing along to my favs. I’ve now developed a fantastic method of seat dancing that they’ve declared “gross”. I have the gift of annoying my children no matter what I do. It’s quite fun.

    I love having music in the background and find that it makes the work go much quicker. Keep singing.

  3. 9-10

    Music is essential, and I reserve the right to dance, sing, and be silly in my kitchen any time I want. Housework never feels like drudgery with the right music in the background.

  4. 9-10

    Wonderful and inspirational post! I have gotten away from music in my kitchen- not sure why. How sad. I am going to go fire up my ipod dock!

  5. 9-10

    We always had a little radio playing in the kitchen at home…from the time the first person was up in the morning until the last person went to bed at night. I don’t. Wonder why? The dishes were always easier to get done back then…could it be the music? Will have to remedy that!!!

    Thanks, Moopsie, great post!

  6. 9-10

    My mom always had music playing in the kitchen and you could tell by the music what kind of mood she was in. I love listening to the radio too while in the kitchen. I can just imagine you salsa-ing around the kitchen making salsa!

    Beth aka oneoldgoat

  7. 9-10

    Moopsie – You Rock! I love the oldies and lately, I’ve been into jazz. My grand daughter loves jazz, too. It plays in the background all day most days. Music adds something to a home. Oh yes, I have the Beach Boys hits and we enloy listening to them as well. Nothing like an old surfer song to get the blood rushing! Yep! Thanks Moopsie for telling us your secrets. Good to know there is someone else out there who sings and dances while they work!

  8. 9-10

    I sooo love music. It can really help you get through the last few hours when you thought you’d be done already 😉 Great to see others find that some good music makes the day that much brighter! I found my old Dan Fogelberg CD and James Taylor CD yesterday. Happy land here!

  9. 9-10

    I’ve got to have music when I’m in the kitchen! It makes dull tasks more fun and fun tasks even better.

  10. 9-10

    I’m glad to know I’m not the only one out there who can’t follow a recipe. I feel oppressed by them. If there’s 4 or 5 ingredients, then maybe I can do it, but more than that and I read the thing, then go into the kitchen and do my own thing. Rock on sister.

  11. 9-11

    I play loud courty music while working in the kitchn and I sing loud with the music too! (I have no neighbors)

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