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You probably wouldn’t think much of a grocery store that only featured one aisle. After all, what could it possibly have to feed your family? My answer–a lot!

My kids call my basement pantry Aisle 1.

It started out as a joke. If someone needed something, go to Aisle 1. Applesauce, third shelf down on the right. Salsa, second shelf on the left. The special this week is strawberry/raspberry lemonade. You’ll find it fourth shelf down on the right.

Some bulk foods and dried apples.

Aisle 1 contains my home canned and dehydrated as well as commercially canned foods. It’s also where I store my bulk foods. Why pay $3.99 for a one pound box of oatmeal when you can get 50 pounds for $18.00? Yes, we use a lot of oatmeal.

Aisle 1 also contains peace of mind. I can’t direct you to a specific shelf for that; it’s more the culmination of all the shelves. Am I preparing for some great catastrophe? Not really, just our wild and hectic lives. In February, I had surgery. I wasn’t concerned with what my family would eat. Soups and stews are on the fourth shelf on the left. Meats, veggies and fruits are on the shelves on the right.

Kosher dill pickles, bread and butter dill pickles and peach salsa.

If unexpected company arrives just before dinner, not a problem. Aisle 1 will help me handle it. Sick friend? A quick trip to Aisle 1 and I’ve got dinner in a jiffy. New mom home from the hospital with a baby? Aisle 1 will help deliver a tasty, nourishing meal.

The youngest is headed off to grad school this week. She’s making up her shopping list now. She’ll be headed off to do her grocery shopping later–in Aisle 1.

Now I just need to find which shelf holds the tissues.

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