Strawberry Lemonade Sorbet

Submitted by: mom2girls on June 28, 2011

A perfectly simple treat for a hot summer day. Use whatever fruit is seasonal.

Adapted from the Strawberry Sorbet and Lemon Sorbet recipes in the Joy of Cooking (a great starter source for more sorbet recipes).

Servings: 4        


1 cup water
1 cup of sugar
Zest of one lemon
Juice of one lemon (or to taste)
1 pint of strawberries, chopped


Make a simple syrup by bringing sugar and water and lemon zest to a boil over medium heat (should yield roughly a pint).

Allow zest to steep in syrup for 20 to 30 minutes. Remove zest.

Puree strawberries in a large bowl. Add simple syrup. Add juice of one lemon. Chill in refrigerator.

Once chilled, check for sweetness or if more lemon juice is needed. Adjust to taste.

Pour mixture into ice cream maker and follow instructions for sorbet making.

Once desired consistency is reached, serve immediately or freeze for later.

Makes about 4 one cup servings.

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