The Manner and Method of a Homemade Meat Smoker

Post by community member:

I have wanted and needed a means to smoke bacon, ham and cheese for as long as I can remember. I have finally managed to assemble a good working system.

I have a shop full of tools of every sort because I repair houses for a living.

I also had leftover from a job some clay flue liner intended for chimney liners. I cut a section to 12 inches and cut a little door into the side at one end.

I used a piece of steel rain gutter downspout for a pipe to convey smoke to my grill.

When I made a new burner for the grill,

I replaced the gas orifice with a much smaller one so that i could control a lower heat in the grill because I wanted to be able to apply warm smoke for a long time to get results like this

and this.

I may have to stop here and start a new chapter.

Editor’s Note: Ross used a special high temperature alloy solder for his copper pipe. For a safe homemade smoker, do not use common solder.

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