The Stink-Eye Cake, Explained

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All right, folks, I am finally getting around to explaining how I made The Stink-Eye Cake.

It took us a while, and I took a TON of pictures, so I feel obligated to use them all.

I apologize in advance. It was a silly project, and Pastrymama and myself got a little silly ourselves.

Lucky you.

I was in charge of engineering. Pastrymama was in charge of design. Most of our problems were solved like this: She said, “I want it to look like this…” and I said, “Okay…here’s how we’ll make that happen.”

We’re pretty well matched, Pastrymama and I.

Because we were short on time, we used regular box cake mix. It was simpler, tasted just fine, and let us focus on making the cake stinky, rather than tasty.

Pastrymama: “Okay, it’s gonna take us a while to bake a bunch of layers, cool them, frost, stack, and carve them. Do we have time for that?”

Laree: ”Ummm, no. Let’s just use your giant cupcake pan.”

Pastrymama: “Should we fill it? I like filled cakes!”

Laree: “Well, we need a way to support the chicken head. Maybe we can fill it with this box of stale Peeps?”

Pastrymama: “I have this leftover green butter cream in the fridge. We can cement them in!”

FYI–I have no idea why it was green.

Have I mentioned how much Pastrymama loooooves having her picture taken? And how much she appreciates me posting them on the internet?

Be certain I will get a phone call for the above picture. She’ll thank me with the melodious tones of a dulcimer. Like waves on a distant shore….


Pastrymama: “How are you going to attach the head?”

Laree: “I need sticks. Lots and lots of sticks. What kinda sticks you got? I am SO going to use them all, and then not replace them.”

Pastrymama: “Right. I know where you live, you know.”

Do you like my professional-looking frosting job up there? I could so do this for a living! Just like Pastrymama!

While Pastrymama carved and stuffed poor, innocent Peeps into a biologically incorrect future chicken cake, I used fondant to make feathers, combs, waddles, beaks, and other chicken pieces/parts.

(Bleh…I am making it sound like we were cooking up hot dogs!)

Pastrymama: “I want the feathers to stand up. How are you going to make those stand up?”

Laree: “I need more sticks. Seriously. Hand them over. All your toothpicks too.”

Pastrymama: “Won’t all those sticks just rip through the cake?”

Laree: “Nope. That’s why I had you go all Edgar Allen Poe on the peeps. Stick that cake in the fridge, so the frosting can set them like cement.”

Pastrymama: “You’re a freak.”

Laree: “Ayuh. And you invited me into your house.”

While I made a pair of stink-eyes–

–Pastrymama painted the feathers with cake dye and food coloring.

If time had been unlimited, we would have worked the coloring into the fondant, let them dry overnight, and then painted (in delicate detail) correct feather patterning on the feathers.

However, between the two of us, we have five kids. Free time was at a premium, and quickly disappearing.

Progression of the final touches…

We used toasted coconut for the nest. However, since I managed to somehow set the coconut on fire, and fill Pastrymama’s house with smoke, we’ll just skip those pictures….

Behold! The Stink-Eye Cake!!!

Take a Peep, and she’ll peck your eyes out.

Chatterbox was impressed.

In case you are wondering, the cake shifted during transportation back to my house, hence the crack. That is to say–I dropped it.

And for those of you wondering about The Cask of Peeptillado Peeps, here is what they looked like disinterred.

Mmmm…yummers. Actually, they tasted just delish, and held up the feathers and head without any problem. Not correct for avian reproduction, but who cares? IT’S A CAKE, PEOPLE!!!

(If this chicken lady gets one more reminder that chickens lay eggs, I may freak out.)

Anywhoo-– Thanks for joining us on this Stink-tastic cake adventure!

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