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Un-Betty Crocker

Submitted by: rmr1984 on May 5, 2011
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Un-Betty Crocker


I’m just going to come clean right now. I hate housework. There, I said it. ::cringes looking up for a lightning bolt::

I’m not meant to be that housewife–Betty Crocker with a cute apron and great hair and clean kids and no dishes in the sink. …





I’m just going to come clean right now. I hate housework. There, I said it. ::cringes looking up for a lightning bolt::

I’m not meant to be that housewife–Betty Crocker with a cute apron and great hair and clean kids and no dishes in the sink. Not this chick.

I’d rather be outside (so long as there’s no snow) poking through the brush in hopes of discovering a new mushroom patch or asparagus crown.


Did you know that across the road from my house in the hundred-year-old cemetery there are sand cherries and high-bush cranberries? And a mile north is a huge asparagus patch I have to pick every two days to avoid waste? I have a lot on my plate here!


Our pasture is a treasure trove of natural excuses to get me out of housework. Someone upstairs knew I’d need to end up on a farm where I had plenty of valid reasons for why I don’t mop my floors more than once every two months. ::sheepish grin here::


Who can blame me for wanting to make sure I get gooseberries from the swamp before the birds!?


The grapes have to be watched.


The chokecherries are only ripe for a day or two before the sparrows decimate them.


And there are lots of cool bugs and pretty flowers just begging for me to take their picture.


Who can blame me?

But there’s sure to be some recipes with all of my hard work!

Rachel blogs at The Henway.

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  1. 5-5

    Beautiful pictures…And oh the pies and jams I could make.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Granny Trace

  2. 5-5

    Oh … I know how you feel! When I was a teen, and only child, I would be given a choice of which chore I wanted to do first. Clean the house or clean the stalls? I alway chose the stalls! I have every good excuse NOT to do housework – although there is a feeling of pride and satisfaction WHEN the house is clean. But, I’ll “think about that another day”. . . Scarlett had the right idea!

  3. 5-5

    I’m with you, I hate housework. I do just enough to get by. There is so much more to do. There I said it. Love your forumn.

  4. 5-5

    I went to your blog and it says you live in Phx, AZ. I have lived in AZ almost all my life I have never seen any place that pretty in Phx. I just moved to TX from AZ, I would love to live in a place that looked like that and could get grapes, gooseberries (I’ve never seen them before). As for housework I like a clean house but hate to clean it, there are sooo many ways I would rather spend my time. Great post!

  5. 5-5

    @Brenda H.
    My co-blogger lives in AZ. I live in Minnesota.

    My favorite trick is to leave the vacuum in the living room and if anyone comes over tell them “Oh I was just going to clean!”

  6. 5-5

    My husband has a job interview in Fargo, ND tommorrow, we do not care for it here in West TX. We miss the snow (we lived in northern Az). My husband said Fargo is very close to the border of MN. I am soooo going to use that vacuum trick. Thanks for the info. Have a great day!

  7. 5-5

    I totally agree with you! Love the outdoors, hate housework. I’d try the vacuum cleaner trick but I would probably trip over it, break my leg, land in the hospital, be on crutches, ……and never get outside again!
    (Sorry for the negative attitude! Have to slap wrist repeatedly and think happy thoughts!)

  8. 5-5

    @Brenda H

    I live an hour north of Fargo, just on the MN side of the river. Fargo gets high ratings as a place to live. It sits on the river that is the border between ND and MN.

  9. 5-5

    Good luck to your husband with his interview!

  10. 5-5

    Coblogger cries out for gooseberries. Reminds other coblogger she is out of GB jam.

  11. 5-5

    I have a magnet on my fridge that says “Gardening forever, housework whenever”. I’d rather be outside in my garden than anywhere. And don’t feel bad about mopping every two months. Once I didn’t mop for a year. (Except the bathroom,because eewwwwwww) Well, I spot cleaned the kitchen floor but that’s it. We don’t wear our shoes in the house, and I don’t eat off my floors, so who cares? Gardening forever!!

  12. 5-5

    I am so with you on the housework thing. Love the clean house but not the process of getting it that way. Mine is in decent shape, downstairs anyway, because we had company for dinner so we were forced to clean up. When I came downstairs this morning I looked at it longingly…..if only it would stay that way….but it won’t. Oh well – so much to do, so little time left for housework 😉

  13. 5-5

    This reminds me of a poem by Richard LeGallienne that I’ve loved since childhood:

    I meant to do my work today,
    But a brown bird sang in the apple tree,
    And a butterfly flitted across the field,
    And all the leaves were calling me.
    And the wind went sighing over the land,
    Tossing the grasses to and fro,
    And a rainbow held out its shining hand,
    So what could I do but laugh and go?

  14. 5-5

    Tee-hee, I feel so much better now! I hate mopping floors too. I can totally relate with HeatherB’s comment. My house is always “in order” because I can’t stand clutter, but there’s plenty of dust bunnies around if you go looking for them (and cobwebs)! I guess I feel guilty about it because my mother always had such an emaculately (sp?) clean house. But hey, she didn’t work a 40 hour a week job outside the home like me (she was lucky in that respect if you ask me).

  15. 5-5

    Whaledancer, I love that poem!

  16. 5-6

    That was my dream when I was in high school, then my mother made me do all the housework, laundry, and cooking so she could be out in the garden. Cured me!!!!!!!!! I hate housework because I want to–that is the ONLY thing I can get away with hating. My DH doesn’t care since he wants me outside with him. Ha Love YOU BO

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