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Veggie Soup for the Soul

Submitted by: birdi on October 14, 2012
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Veggie Soup for the Soul

I understand that chicken soup is for the soul, but in my home it has always been veggie soup. Although not noticed at the time, it seems as if it is always there through the rough times. I have been reminded of this in the past few years …




I understand that chicken soup is for the soul, but in my home it has always been veggie soup. Although not noticed at the time, it seems as if it is always there through the rough times. I have been reminded of this in the past few years by my daughter. She loves veggie soup and to her it has been her comfort, a sense of home- a warm hug at just the right moment. She is grounded by veggie soup. It wasn’t always quite like that. There were times when she didn’t like some of the ingredients and asked me to not put them in. Like onions or cabbage and so on. One time, I humored her and made two pots of soup. Hers, without the things she didn’t want and mine with everything. When she realized that it changed the broth she loved so much, she wasn’t happy. This was never asked for again. Other times if I used leftover beef or *gasp* canned potatoes, she would remind me that this was her soup.

Time and life moved on and we have moved forward to the next steps of our lives as expected. I am in Maine and she has been in Florida for a number of years. During times when she needs some mama love, she asks for veggie soup. I remind her that it is a little difficult to deliver that by phone or email. Anytime that we are together, there is always veggie soup on the menu by request. She needs a fix. A few years ago, we traveled by van with seven of us to Florida for another daughter’s wedding- a whirlwind trip and yup, canned veggie soup was tucked in around the luggage. I have mailed it in canning jars before this, successfully.

I have offered through the years to give her the recipe and she wasn’t interested. She also told me that I need to write it down since the recipe was in my head and I would take it with me when I pass. I wasn’t interested in doing that since I was not ready to go anywhere just yet. I bought a recipe album to create for her one day at any rate. It sat in my closet for a year or more.

I was sharing the story of the veggie soup to my husband when I remembered how veggie soup came to be. When I was a little girl visiting my grandmother, I saw her veggie soup in canning jars and was fascinated. I loved her veggie soup. She came to live with us some years later and we would talk about what was in it, but no recipe was ever written. Later in years when I was cooking for a family of my own, I thought of veggie soup. I realized my grandmother had passed away and took the recipe with her. Through trial and error, I succeeded in recreating it to what it is today. The recipe is technically mine, but it was inspired by my grandmother. By telling him this story, I realized that I have to write this recipe down. Being an auto-pilot cook, not measuring anything, this was not the easiest thing to do. I measured everything that I did, even sprinkling things on a paper plate so as to get a measurement. I also did a few of her other favorites and put them in the book. I gave her the book last year for Christmas. And just a few days ago, she sent these pictures and comments to me.


“Mom’s veggie soup! I used to have her make it and send it to me. Now I can make it here myself! My favorite food ever!”


It tugged on my heart to know that she needed this in her life, and more, that she is now cooking for her own family and passing it on. It feels like a family heirloom was created. Veggie soup did its job again. This time my daughter sent me the warm hug even though I didn’t know I needed it.

Get the handy printable and save it to your recipe box: Birdi’s Veggie Soup

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  1. 10-14

    This sounds wonderful. Will you share your recipe with us?

  2. 10-14

    Okay, now, that’s just cruel and unusual punishment to write that lovely post and show that scrumptious looking picture and not include the recipe!

  3. 10-14

    Birdi, how sweet is that! My daughter ‘s was mom’s lumpy mashed potatoes, even though I couldn’t get them right anymore, wrong equipment. I was really BLESSED for her to ask anyway. She is such a blessing.
    It would be nice to have the recipe with the memory though.

  4. 10-14

    I have to agree with Rah, that’s cruel.
    Could you just pretend that we’re your family too and share the recipe? Pretty please:)

  5. 10-14

    I have the recipe and would love to share it…I just did not know if I could put it here or it had to go into another place.

  6. 10-14

    Great post…the soup looks delicious.

  7. 10-15

    Loved your post and yes share it, in Farm bell recipes please!

  8. 10-15

    The soup looks absolutely delicious !! Do,please,share the recipe! I have also started recipe books for my 2 daughters with their favorite childhood recipes.

  9. 10-15

    I would love the recipe too, Birdi! Lovely story and I would love to be able to share this soup with my daughters. My mother made a little notebook with all of her favorite recipes and gave it to us, I am so glad she did!

  10. 10-15

    Oh Birdi, such a lovely story. I am looking forward to the recipe, I’d love to make it this weekend. The weather will be screaming veggie soup. Thank you

  11. 10-15

    what a wonderful story. Thank you for sharing it. I too love my moms veggie soup and am so blessed she passed it onto me before she passed away. I miss her so much. Guess what I’ll be making tomorrow.

  12. 10-16

    Hello everyone! I am Shay, Birdi’s daughter! I see that so many of you are super excited to try Mommas soup! You won’t be disappointed! I have posted the recipe that my mom sent me and that I followed to the letter to ensure it was perfect! Go and check it out!

    Mommas Veggie Soup

    You will need:

    2-3Pounds of hamburger
    1 Large onion
    2 cans of green beans (drained)
    2 cans corn (not drained)
    2 cans peas (not drained)
    1 can carrots (drained)
    1 can stewed tomatoes
    2-3 stalks of celery, chopped
    2 cans of beef broth or 1 box
    1 large can of tomato juice
    5-6 potatoes, cubed raw
    small head of cabbage, chopped quarter size
    tsp. garlic powder
    tsp. onion powder
    tsp salt
    1/2 tsp pepper

    Put it together:

    In a 15 qt. stock pot, brown the hamburger and the onion. Don’t drain. Add celery, potatoes and 4 cups of water. Cook for 20 minutes and then add all of the ingredients EXCEPT the cabbage. Bring to a boil. Add the cabbage. It will float on the top until it cooks down. If you use a big pot like mine, it will fit nicely. If you use a smaller one, keep adding the cabbage til its all in there! Now turn down the heat and simmer for an hour or two. Stir occasionally. Now devour it!

  13. 10-16

    For those of you anxious to dive into veggie soup, my daughter wrote the recipe down on her blog. She wrote a cute follow up to my post and included the recipe. Here is the link.

    I am still harvesting so it will be a few days before I get it done myself.

  14. 10-16

    I did it! The recipe is posted on FBR!

  15. 10-16

    I also zipped over there and copied your recipe. Your momma will be proud.
    Thank you so very much for sharing a cherished recipe. I pass my family recipes down to family, but not to strangers. I know, odd. But, that is just how I work. 😉

  16. 10-16

    Birdie, slipped over and copied your recipe. Your daughter is beautiful and I do believe she’s beautiful inside as well. I tried to post but can’t EVER figure out those weird words you have to match. The recipe looks wonderful and I plan on making it this cold, rainy Friday. Please thank your daughter for posting it and thank you for sharing. 🙂

  17. 10-17

    What a very nice post! I’ve printed out the recipe and can you guess what is on the menu for us this weekend????

    Thank you!

  18. 10-20

    I just have to add that I made a huge pot of this soup Thursday night and it is the best!! I’ll definitely be canning some too! Thanks again for sharing……

  19. 10-21

    Just made your recipe. LOVE it. Thanks from Canada

  20. 10-25

    Great post, Birdi! Very nice to see you over here.

    This recipe sounds very excellent, and quite like the soup a friend brought to my Mother. It was delicious. Will be trying your version very soon.

    Since there are some parsnips and carrots in the refrig which need to be used, they might find their way into this soup.

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