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What I Didn’t Do Today

Submitted by: kellyb on September 21, 2011
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What I Didn't Do Today

The days when I am home and not at work are busy days for me. I’m a woman on a mission. I rarely sit and do nothing. I have plenty of canning, dehydrating, preserving, baking and cooking that need to be done. I normally make a …




The days when I am home and not at work are busy days for me. I’m a woman on a mission. I rarely sit and do nothing. I have plenty of canning, dehydrating, preserving, baking and cooking that need to be done. I normally make a list of what I want to do the next day.

Here’s the list I made last Tuesday evening:


Here’s my list last Wednesday evening:


Yep, it’s the same list. I didn’t cross off one single thing from the list.

I didn’t dehydrate any of the 50 pounds of onions I have.

I didn’t caramelize any of the 50 pounds of onions to can.

I didn’t cut any of my lemon balm to dehydrate.


I didn’t dehydrate any of my mint for tea or soap either.


The basil and parsley are still standing.


I didn’t make any pesto to freeze.

The bread drawer is still empty.


No, I wasn’t sick. I didn’t take a mini-vacation. I was not at a spa and I was not being lazy.

I do have a good excuse; it’s all his fault.


Don’t be fooled by his ruggedly handsome good looks and drool. He’s a distraction. A wonderful, cuddly, snuggly distraction. I forgot how much you don’t get done with a seven month old in your home. This is Mr. L, my grandson. His mommy had to go back to work so I had the joy and privilege of watching him Wednesday, Friday and Saturday one week. Now he comes to Grammy’s every Friday. Can you tell by my list that I haven’t had infants in my home in a while?

Why didn’t I get anything accomplished Thursday you might ask? I have another good excuse; it’s her fault.


This is my lovely 13 month old granddaughter, Miss A, doing her snooty face. She’s now crawling, almost walking and not napping, so Grammy was on high alert all day. She, like her cousin, comes to stay at Grammy’s house once a week.

So is this post just about sharing pictures of my adorable grandchildren? Yes, partially, but there is another point. Sometimes we read about what everyone is accomplishing in their busy days and wonder how everyone gets so much done.

I had many people ask me at the retreat how I do it all? Well the answer is simple, I don’t. It seems my “to do” list is ever growing and there are only 24 hours in each day. Some things get done, some things don’t.

I’m able to do more now because I’m not changing diapers and running children to soccer. I only managed to can applesauce and tomatoes when my children were younger. If you’ve got kids at home, don’t try to compare your “production” with someone who is an empty-nester. I have a wonderful husband who helps and understands when the kitchen floor is as sticky as a glue trap. My youngest is 23 so she can take care of herself. She’s also really handy at chopping. Do what you can and be proud of your accomplishments.

Having my grandchildren over reminded me to take a deep breath, relax and enjoy NOW. I may not have crossed anything off my to-do list while the babies were at the house but I made wonderful memories. They probably won’t remember anything but I will. I have two future helpers in my kitchen and I look forward to the fun and memories we will share. The babies are growing so quickly that I know I need to make the most of this time. I had a marvelous time tickling tummies and splurbing chubby little necks. The basil and lemon balm will have to wait.

See my recipe for Beth’s Pesto I planned to make here on Farm Bell Recipes. It’s a wonderful way to use all that basil growing in your garden. It freezes beautifully as well.

You can also find kellyb at Yahoo’s Canning2.

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  1. 9-21

    GREAT POST, beauuuttiful kids! And AMEN, AMEN 🙂


  2. 9-21

    Isn’t this the truth! A 2-year old, or 2!, can disrupt a normal day (actually throw the day upside down and all around!) when you’re not used to having children in the house, but it’s something I wouldn’t give up. The older ones (5 and 6) help with anything I want help with…but we usually just play 🙂

    Excellent post, Kelly. I hope many take this to heart and put priorities on what needs to be done and take it in stride. Keep that list up, but don’t feel bad about it 🙂

  3. 9-21

    I’m with you. Grandbabies trump *everything else*…I too, get nothing done when my 4-yr old grandson is here.. and I wouldn’t have it any other way! There is always tomorrow for chores!

  4. 9-21

    Yes, grandbabies and great-grandbabies top everything else! Enjoy your time with them, kellyb, they grow up so fast. Next thing you know they’ll be teenagers, then grownups and out on their own. So make the most of your time with the babies…the chores can wait, they’ll always be there tomorrow.
    Cuuuute kiddos!

  5. 9-21

    It’s nice to see when people have their priorities straight! Good for you, and thank you for the nice post.

  6. 9-21

    Adorable grandkids – ALMOST as adorable as MINE! 😀
    I hear ya loud & clear – enjoy the moment, cherish the memories & be grateful!
    Have a productive day – one of these days!

  7. 9-21

    Beautiful babies and a great post.

  8. 9-21

    This is the first chance I’ve had to comment because I unexpectedly had to get my granddaughter for the day. How appropriate! Grandchildren are special aren’t they. Isn’t it wonderful how each of us has the most beautiful and wonderful grandchild? Potatoes aren’t getting canned today for sure!

  9. 9-21

    Beautiful babies!! What’s that old poem? “Quiet down cobwebs, dust go to sleep. I’m rocking my baby and babies don’t keep”. They don’t! And they are the best reason to have a messy house and overgrown garden. I know you are thankful that you live near enough to enjoy them!

  10. 11-1

    KellyB, this is an old post. I don’t have grandbabies, but appreciate yours! My burning question is WHAT do you do with your lemon balm?? I love the plant and it’s great for beneficial insects, and it self seeds like crazy, but i’ve never really used it for anything. Do tell.

  11. 11-2


    Lemon Balm is one of my favorite herbs to add to homemade soap. I love the bits of green that you can see in the soap. I also use it as a tea and in my simmering potpourri. Because it is such a prolific self-seeder, I just yank it out by the handful when it starts growing in the Spring. Where we live now I try to contain it’s growth. I’ll be moving soon and I just plant it around the edges of the woods. It can grow all it wants there.

    I tuck sprigs behind my ears or under my hat when I’m working in the garden. It really seems to keep the bugs away.

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