Weekend Kudos


There’s 14, third one from the right (the one with the white t-shirt sleeve poking out) coming in off the field with his comrades after they beat the competition in their first game. 14 plays defensive end and guard, and he was on the field all four quarters so he was a happy boy. I was there, with my fingers and toes painted Raider maroon with silver stars, frantically saying every five minutes, “What just happened?!” I have a keen grasp of football…. But!! Man, my nails looked good. :mrgreen:

Apparently, I don’t know anything about cars, either. I took my car in to Peewee the mechanic (no, I’m not kidding, he goes by Peewee….and he has a son called Bubba….) yesterday because I thought it needed new brake pads. I’m hard on brakes. Turns out I was wrong, my brake pads are fine. Peewee is the Last Honest Mechanic.

So here’s kudos to the Last Honest Mechanic, to 14 for winning his first high school football game, and most of all to 16 for getting through the week without totalling his car! Anyone you wanna give kudos to today? Drop a comment for a chance to win this weekend’s Free Book Friday giveaway title–September Silhouette Romantic Suspense release Miranda’s Revenge by Ruth Wind!


  1. leanne says:

    Don’t put me in the drawing. Just wanted to wish everyone a happy weekend!!! Hope everyone has a great one. Kudos goes out to my Mom, for without her advice on childcare, sometimes I feel like I would be going around with no hair left on my head. :hug:

    Leanne :snoopy: :friday:

  2. Alice Audrey says:

    A whole week without an accident? Whoohooo! :mrgreen:

  3. Fannie M Wiggins says:

    Sounds as if you had a great week. I am sure your nails were fab and much envied. I send kudos to my son-in-law for making it home from Iraq without injury and my caregiver because she takes such good care of me. I don’t know what I’d do without her so heres to you Jackie. Have a great weekend and :hug: to all. :wave:

  4. Biddy says:

    Congrats on 14’s win, your nails and 16’s safety record!

    Kudos goes to Julie Cohen who solved a plot problem for me yesterday (and for sending me her own wip part way through cos I couldn’t wait!)

    Have a great weekend!!

  5. Crystal B. says:

    Congrats on 14’s win and 16 making through the week accident free.
    I give kudos to my friend Marc for his generous donation of building supplies for my home improvement project and to my brothers for helping my husband do the home improvement project.

  6. Stefanie D says:

    I give kudos to my father, who made a very nice bookshelf for me! :shimmy:

  7. pearl says:

    Have a great weekend. Kudos to my sons who are always helpful and supportive.

  8. Karen B says:

    :heart: To my granddaughter Sarah, who just turned 21, and her SO Adam. They just had their 2nd child yesterday – my 3rd greatgrand – and are fantastic parents! Congrats to you both, big brother Alex, and new addition Emma (Emily Ann.) :heart:

  9. Melissa L. says:

    :thumbsup: Kudos to all the authors participating in “Comment For The Cure”.

  10. Susan says:

    Kudos to all you authors for the wonderful books you write. :clap:

    It sounds like you all had a great week! :shimmy:

  11. RobynL says:

    Kudos to my aunt for painting a picture for me of scenery with a walking bridge; I have wanted one for years. The walking bridge signifies peace to me and it signifes ‘keeping on’ in life.

  12. Nicole Reising says:

    Congrats to your son and his game! And to ‘Mom’ for her game spirit. :snoopy:

    Have a great holiday weekend!

  13. Kim A. says:

    Congratulations to both your sons, Suzanne, for a game well-played and for safe driving. 🙂

    Kudos to my co-worker, Debby, who is currently fostering a momma cat and her seven kittens (three of whom have been sick recently), and kudos to a friend who’s recently rescued two stray cats with their babies. She has 13 kitties in her house right now, including her own 3.

    Have a great weekend, everyone. It’s a long one for us, Labour Day weekend. Not sure if it’s the same thing in the States.


  14. catslady says:

    Kudos to my mom who is turning 85 on the first. And kudos to Kim’s friend :purr: And kudos to 14 and 16 :biggrin: And kudos to Suzanne for giving me a laugh about Bubba and PeeWee 😆

  15. Teresa W. says:

    Tell your son congrats on the win! Kudos for the wonderful weather were supposed to have here for this Holiday weekend

  16. Estella says:

    To my husband for narrowing down his “to do” list this week.
    So glad 16 drove safely.

  17. Lynn Daniels says:

    Hi Suzanne! It’s been a while!

    Kudos, eh? Okay, I’ll send kudos to my daughter and her soccer team. The played a tournament last weekend, and this marks the first tournament they won a game in. We soccer moms were all very excited. :snoopy:

  18. Brandy says:

    I bet your nails do look great! *G*
    Kudos to you and your family this week, alot of changes and happy things!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  19. Ruby55 says:

    :snoopy: :thumbsup: :guitar:
    Hooray for you, 16 on the car, 14 on the football game and for daughter on the first week of school.

    There must be a lot of happy people around your house as well as lots of happy animals. The kittens as always are adorable–that’s not to say that the rest of you aren’t. :hellokitty: :catmeow: :birthday1:

  20. Ruby55 says:

    Oh, and I would like to be in the drawing. :drowning:

  21. Tammy G. says:

    Kudos to everyone, have a wonderful weekend!

  22. TeresaH says:

    Kudos to my son who made us a great meal today.

  23. Marianne says:

    Woo Hoo! An honest mechanic… If my DH wasn’t one himself, I’d drive my behind down there to service my car. Seriously. The sad fact is, they are few and far between.

    Congrats to 14 :bananadance:

  24. Ericka Scott says:

    My kudos are to my hubby who took the boys off my hands and out of my hair for many, many hours on Sunday so that I could have a good writing day. I, of course, squandered it on eating, reading, writing a little, and playing solitaire on the computer. It was a perfect day!

  25. April A says:

    Who knew it would take a guy named “Pee Wee” to find an honest mechanic? Congrats to 14!!!!

  26. Magdalena Scott says:


    I can relate to your football experience. My 17 joined the marching band right before school started (don’t even go there) and now I am attending home football games to watch him play ALL of the percussion instruments – usually just one at a time. Prior to the halftime show I sat in the bleachers, looking at the football field, wishing people would stop trying to explain the game to me, because I simply do not GET it. Every time a big tackle happened, I closed my eyes. What a wimp.

    On a different topic, I just bought the e-book version of A HERO’S REDEMPTION and am looking forward to another great read. I loved SECRETS RISING – even though I also read the e-book version of that, so did not have a copy for you to sign when you were at our KYRW meeting in July. I do love e-books though! I’m all about immediate gratification, I guess.

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